What animations are good for having a character in the air

So i want to have a character in the air but make her look like she’s got powers what would you recommend from episode animations??


thank you , is there any others you know where it makes her look like shes floating if that makes sense.

You can use any animation and make it look like she’s floating around.
Here’s a couple examples:


@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.250 256 464 in zone 1 and CHARACTER does it while idle_armscrossed_snooty_loop

or to have them talking:
&CHARACTER walks to spot 1.250 256 464 in zone 1 and CHARACTER does it while talk_armscrossed_condescending_loop

You seriously thought you could beat me?
&CHARACTER starts idle_armscrossed_angry_loop

Any animation after “does it while” is what they’ll do while moving around the screen ‘floating’ - like the unstable-skating animations could be the end result of being blasted with magic and floating unsteadily backward :woman_shrugging:

If you have a certain look in mind that animation can’t capture due to limited expressions, you could also do a custom pose. That’s what I did with my own story to see certain scenes and more “expressions”

For example:
I had someone create this one on forums I forgot who it was, but I used this to make her levitate and shoot her powers towards someone

And this one was created by @/willowkayyy, which correlates to the overlay above in the fight scene with power involved


I like to use the treading water animations for more static flying/floating :blush:

How are custom poses made? Do you have to digitally edit them and put them in as overlays or are there commands within the writer’s portal?

People edit them to the pose they want then upload them as overlays

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Thanks! I think I remember that we used to be able to change the facial expression and the body animation separately, but maybe I’m making that up. If not, it’s definitely something they should add.