What animations are most useful for using hands? (LIMELIGHT)

I am currently searching for an animation to have a guy “take off” a coat that a girl in front of him is wearing. He’s doing it in a romantic way. Still, I don’t know exactly what animation I should use for that. Do you guys have any tips on animations that move the hands? (grabbing things, throwing things, taking things, giving things, etc)

dustoff_neutral_loop works for female and male Limelight characters, it looks like they are brushing themselves off. It doesn’t sound helpful, but it looks more accurate for taking clothes off than it sounds.

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Thank you! Do you know what animation is used for girls to smile and swipe their hair? I’m looking all over for it and I can’t seem to find it. Do you also know what animation that drop and slowly go back up dance is? I can’t find that either I’m a mess :sob:

The dance is called dance_drop_it and the hair swipe is talk_primp_neutral and the one without talking is primp_neutral.

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Of course!

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