What animations are these? AHHH

Here are a few animations I’ve had a hard time finding and would appreciate the names off…

  • the one where it looks like react_sit_confused except their standing and they raise their arms but then lower them and purse their lips

  • the one where their eyebrows raise back and form mischeviously

  • they do the Michael Jackson tip-of-your-toes dance move


This is a flirt something :sweat_smile:

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Is that the idle shifteyes one?

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Bruh I know exactly what you’re asking, but i forgot what the name is and it’s so annoying omgggh


Not sure about the first one but the other two are

dance_tiptoes_strikepose (LL male)

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flirt_lookaway_bashful?? im not sure AHAHAHHA
you can go to “animations” in “art catalog” and scroll thru, mayb u can find what ur searching for :blush:

The eyebrow thing is flirting but i have literally no clue what the other 2 r

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