What Animations do you want to add to Episode?


Name 5 neutral animations you want to add to episode. They might show up on a poll of mine!



Hey, I might have a few ideas for you:

Eat_prop (seriously, we need an eating animation where we can add a prop to the character instead of having everyone eat cupcakes or Pizza all the time)
talk_explain (leaning slightly forward to explain something without having to use the talk_exited animation, why can’t the characters talk in different ways without bursting into emotions?)
idle_listen_agree_loop (has anyone else tried to make background characters have a conversation and found the nod_loop animation is just too much nodding and the listen/listen_gossip is just waaaaay overboard for a normal neutral conversation? )
kiss_hand (preferably in a standing version, a kneeling version, a receiving pose, a greeting manner and in a romantic manner? Good for royal stories, great for slow burn romance, who wouldn’t like a kiss on the hand?)
greeting without talking (waving is waaaaay too exaggerated, talk_greet is sometimes weird when the person is not supposed to talk but moves his/her mouth anyway. Just a simple handshake would be nice, or a decent, small, friendly wave)

Alright, that ahould be five. I hope they’re useable for your cause. ^^


Yes! And drink_prop :smiley:
Sit_cry, sit_kiss, sit_drink…


I feel like waving might be more of a happy animation because I can’t imagine a character waving with a straight face. But I will add the other 4.


I will add (sit) kissing, drinking and (sit) drinking.


The poll is up! Everyone vote!