What annoys you as a Episode creator/forum-user?


If you don’t like things that I say, then you can quietly leave. Thank you and have a good day!
These issues that I have are not directed towards anyone that I know!

Episode story creator
As a episode story creator, the most annoying things I found would be:

  1. Writers Block
  2. Backgrounds not being approved fast enough
  3. Right after publishing an episode, I realized there’s a mistake and I can’t change it because it will force people to reread the episode for ONE SIMPLE MISTAKE!

Episode forum user

  1. As much as I like art groups, I dislike the fact how every time someone ask about getting a cover or splash (etc) done, different types of art groups would come out of no where and starts saying “I can do it!” “xxx can do it”. blah blah blah even if AFTER another person already said they will be doing it. There are so many wonderful artists out there who doesn’t get any requests because of these art groups and that takes away the fun out of everything.

  2. Every time I said I will be doing reviews for any one who wants one, and as I make a template, some people don’t read it and then starts spamming my thread for me to read their story without answering my questions. Honestly, if you do this kind of thing, it shows that you’re desperate for story reads only.

  3. When I ask authors to read my story, (For read for read) they tend to not read my story at all, so that they would get a story view from me and then unfriend me or something. That’s why I have trust issues and it pisses me off because there are people who actually “read for read” and no one would want to believe them anymore so we would have to send screenshots.

  4. I hate the drama that is going on between art groups and all that. Even people who aren’t artists are getting involved which is pretty much annoying. Everyone is getting competitive and act like they’re the best art group in the entire world. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I understand how much you hate someone but I dislike how these children keeps replying to the hate or something. For example, a client on a thread was asking for a overlay. So a girl was working on it and she told the client she will do it. Suddenly, another girl comes out of nowhere and sends an overlay to the client even though the other girl was working on it already. The first girl was like “Hey, I was working on it.” And then the other girl was like “okay, but you were taking forever.” And then was like “Since you did to me, I can do it back.” Like wtf, I understand what she did was wrong to you but don’t you wanna be the bigger person? If she did this to you, why don’t you contact the MOD or politely tell her what she did was bad. That’s very immature and childish, these type of people shouldn’t be on episode forums to be honest. :confused:

  5. As a Episode story reviewer, there are some flaws that don’t like at all! I hate stories that are way too long and it makes me lose interest in the middle of it. And sometimes, I HAVE to read the episodes because it’s part of my job. Then there are those stories where the authors say that it’s mystery/fantasy story but it turns out into a sex story instead. (I hate reading those.)

But yea, these are SOME of my issues. I can’t think of any more right now but reply if you agree with the things I say. Thank you :slight_smile:


There’s a lot.
The fact that underage people use episode bothers me quite a bit. Also art groups, I just think people could do fine solo, but maybe there’s something besides drama. I’m in the episode host club… Which I’m glad there is no drama. I also hate it when someone creates a topic needing help, and while someone had said yes to doing it an hour ago, the post creator goes on an art thread asking for one… Makes no sense!


THANK YOU. When underage people use episode it’s quite annoying. Only because they are usually inconsiderate and completely immature. If they weren’t it may not be as bad. But to all the 13 and below periods fearing this- you are not better than everyone in the community, please don’t be rude, and please don’t make hurtful comments.


oh my gosh these are spot on!! I don’t write as much anymore, but the issues in the forums are the worst! I’ve done a lot of story reviews and probably close to 75% of people who comment pay no attention to the original thread, even if the thread says “closed” in giant red letters. All this does is clutter up my thread and make it more difficult for me to give reviews to people who actually read the post. :disappointed_relieved:

But I think my biggest issue lately has been an influx of negativity on the forums. It feels like every thread I click on there’s an argument or someone insulting another person. And I feel like nobody respects anyone anymore. Like, there are so many people that are quick to anger or don’t want to talk to someone privately, so they post on the thread instead. Then a bunch of other people get involved and it just turns into a huge mess. I’ve seen so many people immediately throw out cuss words and insults, without even trying to be reasonable first. Everyone just attacks each other. I’m not calling out anymore in particular but I’ve noticed some specific people who just like to pick fights. It’s kind of why I don’t really post much on the forums anymore because I don’t really like to be involved in arguments. :disappointed:


Oh my god, I hate it when someone requests from so many art threads even if someone said they will do it for them. It’s a waste of time for artists and other clients who wants a art.


Too many children around episode forums and causing too much drama. :woman_facepalming:t2: While the older people just like looking at tea :coffee:


I hate arguments too. It’s so annoying and these artists are gonna lose clients if they keep doing this stuff. :pensive:


It’s not always children though there are also many adults who aren’t really mature that cause too much drama other some things that really don’t matter.

  • I really hate when people “ghost.” It really annoying! Me and the (person) come into an agreement we’ll Read 4 Read, I send screenshots proof and towards the end I get ignored! It’s really disheartening. I’ve just started to compile a list of people who have ghosted me so I can warn my friends.
  • I feel bad for reviewers that get shit on by the author when they do reviews on their story. They took the time to read the story and compile opinions and suggestions on how they can approve the story and when the story’s author isn’t satisfied with the review, they proceed to verbally abuse them. Like, everyone has their own opinion, maybe your story isn’t their cup of tea. Can’t satisfy everyone, right? I’m not even a reviewer myself, but I just feel bad when I see those things. I’ve seen some pretty abusive remarks being made at reviewers on the forums.

Also, @Sayanjali_Rizvi the pre-teen drama in this forum cracks me up! Hahahahahah!


I agree, like they asked for a HONEST story review. :joy::joy:


I know, some of them are adults but they act like children. Lol but I get ya.


@fluffyrice you are right! We need to be careful when doing read4reads, as some of the people (NOT all) have bad intentions. I’ve had people ghost on me, too but the worst was when I came into a read4read agreement with an author, and I read their whole story, sent screenshots, etc. And told them their story was great when they asked for my opinion (I didn’t want to be rude to them). Anyway, after a long time, I asked them when they’ll read my story and then they blocked me. It was devastating knowing I spent minutes out of my life reading their story and they didn’t even bother to read mine. Sucks, but oh well : (
And another incident,where I read an author’s story and told her she could read mine whenever she wanted and send screenshots-but like, it’s been a YEAR. And now, I’ve seen her doing read4reads with others, and I honestly don’t ever think she’s going to read mine : (

BUT I NEED TO BE STRONG AND MOVE ON! :sparkling_heart:

So yeah…what annoys me the most as a Episode writer is when people don’t bother to read your stories back and block you, moving on.


what do you think is the youngest age someone should be on episode/forums?


I honestly think 12/13. Everyone already knows so many underage people use Episode and Forums with a fake age. I would say 12 for Forums because it doesn’t have as many “mature themes” as the episode app does! But sometimes I think 13 isn’t even the right age for Episode and I completely agree about the 18+ section they should make! :unamused:


i think I suggested that on a thread some time ago, a shelf for mature stories that you have to be a certain age to read


It was a great idea.


I agree about the 18+ section but I’m not sure if that’s possible. I mean even if there is one people will still say that they are 18+ when they really are 9+


i know, but i suppose they know what they’re getting themselves into when they do


I know! It’s like nothing will stop Children from reading inappropriate stuff. I swear soon they might even start watching porn at 9.


Maybe they can create another app? “Episode mature” or something where they can scan your ID or something