What annoys you as an episode user


Having to go to work when I’m in a real creative mood.
Ads that just freeze.
Dying to publish your story and finding more errors.
Running out of passes when you are just getting into a story.
Saving gems and spending them on a story, only to find you’re almost immediantly asked to spend more next chapter.
Having to wait for background to be approved to publish a story.
Stories that offer gems for reading, then suddenly stop offering them once you start reading.
Being on mobile creator and accidentally hitting the “create a new story” button (I have five blank stories now.)
Needing gems and forced to read stories you don’t want to to earn some.

  • When the ads don’t show up and I’m stuck on the blue scene.
  • The overused clichès which are everywhere.
  • Using a pass, then forgetting I was reading the chapter.
  • When characters don’t show up in a scene so I have to exit the story.
  • My computer refreshing the browser while I’m in the middle of scripting so it can catch up.


This. I thought I was the only one who suffered this.

Also, being asked for passes to read my own story.
The new glitch that sends speech bubbles to the top of the screen and makes the, unreadable on iPads. I was reading my first kiss and she was lying on bed. I kept of waiting for her to do something. I though it was broken, then I tapped and realised she was saying something, but I couldn’t see it.

  • Episode ignoring classic style and ink style for limelight.
  • Background approvals taking FOREVER.
  • Running out of passes.
  • When your computer isn’t cooperating or the previewer is glitching.
  • People who can’t respect your decision to write in a style that is less popular.
  • “When will the next chapter be published?”
  • Writer’s block.


Yeah I hate writers block. Sometimes you start a story that sounded great when you started it, then you either run out of ideas or lose interest. It’s the polar opposite of when you have great ideas, but have to go to work.
Also, when there’s a glitch and episode is doing nothing to fix it (the baseball bat prop for example.)
When people ask for an honest review. You politely tell them it’s not really your cup of tea, but it’s not a bad story, they take it personally and deliberately give your story a bad review and lower rating, (or in worse care scenarios, refuse to read your story because of it) because of it.


i hate it when somebody blames you for stuff and then you get spammed by the admins


Yeah, it takes sooooo looooooong time.


Yep. My story has been waiting to be published for over a week now. It’s the only thing stopping it.


It’s not really to do with episode but I hate it when art groups FOR episode argue and fall apart its like wtf


Ah yes, that freezing blue screen after watching an ad annoys me to the max!
-When I can’t preview my story in the portal
-When I can’t figure out how to shift my overlays to the right position in order to make the scene look realistic
-Looking for the right background for a scene, but not finding it :frowning:
-Having to use the same hairstyles over and over again when creating characters because Limelight doesn’t have enough hairstyles. Seriously, why no curly ponytail? How about short cropped hair for guys?

For the Tea

Gem choices. cough Featured stories cough
When the ads freeze and I get stuck on the blue screen.
Background and overlay approvals taking too long.
Having to do something when I get a spark of creativity.
Overused clichés. This is why I avoid the app.
Having an error, and not catching it till I reread through my script.
Me being a perfectionist… Spending hours coding, only to be unimpressed by the results.
When Limelight lags.
Writer’s block.
When your computer is going wonky.
Running out of passes while reading a really good story.
When I can’t preview my story on the Portal, so I have to use the app.
Having to animate my overlays for them to look right.
Searching for the right background for a scene, not finding it…
Being forced to create a large variety of characters. C’mon, Limelight.
Dealing with less reads on my Ink story, because Limelight is “in” right now.
Constantly dodging and avoiding clichés. Damn.
Forgetting to write in a code, so my story ends up really messy.
Turning off my music to read a story… But there’s no music?
Spending hours to days wondering if I should stop writing because I have self-doubt.
Desperately wanting to write, but nothing is available at the moment.
Running out of ideas after my spark of creativity runs out.
When my depression literally stops me from writing, while I’m writing.


I’m particilarly annoyed when I’m in a creative mood, like now, but I have to go to work. Then, when I come back home and am free, all I get is writers block.
I think being rushed must add to creativity.


No options of creating portly people. I had to use the pregnancy to try and create a larger looking woman and most readers just though she was pregnant.
I can’t imagine how larger people feel when they play this and can only create pencil thin characters.


I’m annoyed at the drama in the community. It’s become super hostile lately. Anyone got any thoughts?


I agree.


Tired of abuse and cyber bullying


same. I wonder why people do this to others?


That’s what I’d like to know


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