What annoys you as an episode user

What makes me laugh is when a non-POC and non-LGBT+ members try to tell us that we need to stop “obsessing” over diversity and it’s stupid to argue over it. Well EXCUSE YOU! I’m sorry that we want to feel represented more and correctly. Sorry if your so used to seeing yourself all the damn time while we are just never really there. Sorry if I feel they only use us as objects and treat us like it rather than human beings. I’m sorry if I get attacked and saying I’m “harassing” you for only correcting and educating while you are sitting there doing nothing to help and encourage. :woman_shrugging:t5:


I’m on the fence about this. Sure, representation matters, but, people need to stop pulling the race/gender/sexuality card all the time. I’m a part of all 3 communities, BTW. (I’m obviously female)

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I think it’s very important we have diverse characters and diverse background characters for realism,
However, I find it ridiculous when readers are actively seeking to nitpick stories for “lack” of diversity. They get mad when my love interest isn’t a certain race, or there’s instances where people get mad when there’s character customization.
We need to realize that stories are the writers image. It’s important that they write for themselves instead of for other people. It’s their image. If they want to add a straight relationship and a white love interest, than that’s okay.
It’s basic knowledge that stories don’t appease to everyone. And you know what people do about it? They stop reading it.
Stories have such a deeper meaning.
I’m sure when people are writing these stories they aren’t intentionally trying to exclude diversity.
People on the internet are just looking for something to get mad at and receive attention over.
We need to put that energy into real issues instead of nagging at authors.
For example:
Jennifer lawerence posted a picture of her wearing a beautiful dress but she wasn’t wearing a jacket; she was standing by men in suits in the picture. People in the comments section starting attacking the men saying they are cruel for letting Jennifer freeze and that they should’ve given her their jackets.
Jennifer came out and said she was just wearing a beautiful dress and that we need to focus on bigger issues instead of dresses.

People need to stop putting each other down and scraping for attention.


So… back to the topic (which was going so well until it was bumped):

Things that annoy me as an Episode reader or writer:

  • Waiting for background and overlay approvals
  • Feeling like a story will never get noticed by readers unless it has lots of sex
  • How easy it is to delete all your hard work if you didn’t save properly (stupid computer touchpad)
  • Entitled readers who expect you to publish almost daily “Why haven’t you updated yet? It’s been a whole 25 hours!!!” (I’m exaggerating lol but you get the idea)
  • When ads freeze
  • Glitches!!! When you know your coding is correct but the characters refuse to follow the commands
  • The fact that I know Episode has bought some more unique stories but they choose to feature the same stuff over and over

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I can do it! I’m an optimist!!

Experiencing other people’s stories
Getting inspired by another person’s awesome spot directing
Learning new possible techniques
Reading in general
Dressing games, aww…
Character development
Story arcs

(This actually was a lot harder than I thought only because I was trying to not put stuff you could find in other stories NOT found on the Episode app) I failed. XDXD

Well, to get this back on topic, then:

I don’t like having to re-customize over and over and over again as a reader.
As a writer, I don’t like overlays. XDXD


Hey, not bad! I couldn’t have said it better :joy: You’ve won this challenge, here you go: :trophy:

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Aw. I graciously accept. XI

There’s good and bad things about everything! Gotta look on the bright side sometimes. <3

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When that characters don’t show up so you need to reset the story. That is my biggest pet hate.


same! I get that now with some of the new content too. It takes up too much time :sweat:

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Ikr. Especially if I need to go somewhere in 15 minutes and I need to reset it all.

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Guns. I’ve nothing against guns, but in some stories, it’s like the only solution to everything. They’re not toys. I’m really getting tired of guns in stories, especially non-action ones.
Also, stories where someone kills someone for the first time and has no ill effect afterwards. Even if it’s in Self-defence, taking the life of someone would have some traumatic experience for the person.


I just want to make it clear before I rant that I am NOT throwing shade at the athours on Epsiode! I admire their creativity and courage to create these stories for us😄 and sometimes stories don’t get finished and that’s okay. BUT…

I get really bummed once I get emmersed into a new story and finish all the uploaded chapters and then find out that the author has stopped uploading OR you never know the status of a story and you are left there on the edge of your seat hoping imPAITENTLY for a new update. (Eclipse, The Shadows, Gravity, Touched by Flames, Feening … IM LOOKING AT YOU :smirk:)

I wish Epsiode had a feature that would let readers know the updated status of the stories on their app. I just wouldn’t mind seeing Episode maybe list the date of the most recent chapter upload or something on the story description.

I just finished devouring The Trophy Wife and this is a perfect example. IM JUST LEFT WITH SO MANY FEELS AND LEFT WITH QUESTIONS! (p.s. anyone have information about the status of this story? Is she not uploading more?).

Anyone else feel this way? :thinking:

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk :upside_down_face::smirk:


My episode pet peeve is when the MC has a secret of the past that the reader doesn’t know! Like in Mean Girls or Bad For My Heart!! Like, we are playing as the MC and we should know what she/he knows!!! Still love those stories tho :purple_heart:


Yes, she still updates Trophy wife. We just have to wait it out. I don’t mind waiting because I love the story.


I don’t mind waiting, but I do agree there should be a date some were because I started a story months ago and got to chapter 45 which was the last chapter published and found out that it’s 2 years old and she stopped writing it. If I had seen last updated two years ago u wouldn’t have wasted 44 passes on it.(because you know the first one is free.)

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I don’t mind waiting either if I know a story is active. It would just be nice to know ahead of time the status of a story before I get to the last chapter available and it abruptly ends and I can’t find the writer on social media. BUT good to know she is still writing it! Thanks!

Preeeeeeeaaachhhhh! LOL