What app do y'all use for your overlays?

It’s literally the title… And I have a Samsung so please don’t suggest apps for iPhones. Also, I’m looking for free apps, nothing that costs money :sweat_smile:

I’m mostly use the web site https://pixlr.com/x/ or Ibis Paint X and Magic Eraser Background Editor. But there’s lots of other great apps:)

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to get overlays:

  1. i go to episodelife.com or any site that offers free copyright-free PNG images that’d suit what i want!

  2. i use photoshop on my laptop to cut out certain objects from an image that would be the background. idk if photoshop is free because 2 of my laptops (a mac and a windows) have photoshop pre-installed into it, but if you want to make it on your phone try this free app named PicsArt! it’s easier to use Ps, but picsart is a great alternative i’ve used before as well :slight_smile:

p.s. in case photoshop is a paid app, try gimp for your pc (i think it works on any software). gimp is an app that is very, very similar to Ps, but it’s free! if you need in-depth instructions on how to create overlays and stuff, u can search for tutorials on YouTube. Joseph Evans’s channel is a great place to start :smiley:


Pixlr E
Ibis Paint X
Medibang Paint
Or, if you want a clothing overlay go to create new outfits and right click on the outfit and save it.
You could upload it as an overlay afterwards!


@AmeliClemonte, @Harleyquinn2606, and @tosinx thank you! I’ll go check out all of these apps!