What Apps Do You Use for Writing?

I normally just use Pages and Notes but I found this free App called Trello, check it out if you like physically laying things out with note cards but hate wasting the paper, I’ve been using it for all my plot and character planning plus storing and organizing references and research. You can add pictures, share boards if you’re working with someone, organize all of you ideas in one place and see them physically laid out in front of you and it costs nothing but some drive space.


Any cool apps or tools you’d like to share? Link them down below and tell us why they’re awesome.

(Side note: I’m not sure if this should go in the Directing Help & Tips category since it’s got nothing to do with coding, sorry in advance if I’m wrong.)


I use notbook.ai

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Notepad free, it’s pretty basic lmao

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Is this a free site/app?

website n yh

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