What Apps Do You Use To Make Drawn Covers on Computers?

Hi there everyone! I’ve been trying to get better at making drawn covers for Episode stories, but I don’t know what art software to use! Please let me know what you use or tag others who use computers to draw! Thanks!




I draw on my iPad, I use Procreate and ArtStudio Pro!

I don’t draw covers, but when I do draw, I use Ibis Paint X on an iPad (it has a keyboard so hopefully it counts as a computer)

Sorry if Im not helpful!

I use IbisPaint on my phone, it’s really easy once you get the hang of it <3

Krita 2.0 thousands of brushes and advanced features… Its like procreate for super pros and its free

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I use a program call fireaplaca, it’s pretty easy to use and it’s free

I started out with ibispaint! It’s free and extremely easy to use with lots of features.

I’m more serious about drawing so I’ve purchased procreate for when I want to be more creative.

I also use PicsArt for effects, stickers etc no matter which program I use to draw :heart:

Meanwhile I’m using Ibis Paint X on my tablet, but previously when I tried to drawn on my computer I’ve tried out lots of different programs, such as Firealpaca, Sketchbook, krita and MediBang Paint.

Thanks for helping me out!

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