~What apps do you use when you draw art?~


I was wondering what apps people use when they draw art for stories.
I usually just edit photos but I think that drawing would make me a bit more flexible and better<3


I use ibisPaint X

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Maybe post this in art resources? :thinking:

Can check this out: Official Tutorial/How-To for the Forums (V2)

Also, I use PicsArt for edits but I’m not very good…sadly, I don’t have an artistic soul :sweat_smile:

P.S I wish you good luck with your art :wink:


I already posted it in art resources but my impatient ass couldn’t wait for responses lol. So I decided to expand. thanks xx

There are plenty of drawing apps that you can use, for e.g: Medibang,Adobe Draw illustrator, Adobe sketch photoshop, Ibis paint X (I see some one has told that one already) etc etc.All these apps are available on the playstore and you can download them as they are Android oriented.In which Medibang, adobe illustrator and photoshop are also available for PC use. My personal prefferable is Ibis Paint x as I use it in my smart phone to draw and other apps usually require use of tablets for huge canvas size.

P.S if you are a beginner in digital art field, i would suggest you to install one of these apps on your tablet as most beginners find difficulty drawing in smart phones.Hope this is helpful :wink:

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thank youuuu xx

I use Procreate. It’s userfriendly, easy to understand and super fun! It costs money though, but it’s just a one time payment, not a subcrsiption. I’m sure it only works on IOS, which is pretty limiting.

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ok ty x