What Apps/Websites Do You Use For Art?


Hiya, I would really like to know what apps/websites you guys use to create art as I have been using SketchBook and although it’s good, It’s not very good if I want to create covers ect. Please let me know if you can. xx


Ibis Paint X for character editing and paint.net for covers :wink:
Also dafont for fonts.


Ok thank you x


Ibis Paint is the best


Ok thank you


No problem!


I use the sketchbook app, if you have an account (you can make it for free) you can use all of it’s features. I actually use my phone to draw which some say might be difficult but is fine for me lol. there’s a lot of different tools. Plus I find layering and merging easy there :slight_smile:


Same I usually use it for splashes. Thank You


I use canva.com to make covers.


Ok I’ll try it out