What are good movies to watch?

Double Jeopardy!! -best thriller ever :heart:

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seen 12 feet deep

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i really want to see this

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Murder on the Orient Express is my favourite thriller!

(all horror):
Most Likely To Die
The Shining
the Babysitter
Little Evil
The Ring
Don’t Breathe
Death Note (sorta horror)
Cube+ Cube 2
The Conjuring
Flight 7500

Umm… Hope you like horror.

ayeee imma PM u

ill try and watch horror doesn’t faze me any more

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Great! I love horror lol,

I used to hate horror movies and then they just stopped being scary to me, i can watch them now


Me too, until I was like 16 horror movies always scared the shit out of me, at some point I just didn’t find them scary anymore and now I just love them

sorry thats y I blurred it

yeah i know i was curious and then got my feelings hurt

I literally just looked at a preview for this movie on Netflix called Someone great and at first i thought it was another failed attempt at a cheesy romance but as the preview went on i liked it so who want to watch it with me cause i dont want to watch alone :innocent:

omg im so sorryy :sleepy:

oh big list

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10 things i hate about you is one of my most favorites

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Oh hell yeah, the original blade runner is amazing. Harrison Ford looking like a snack like always and an amazing story.

And idk what movies you’ve watched before but other movies I enjoy are:
The breakfast club
Old Boy (the Korean version ofc)
The audition (Japanese movie, cool if you like messed up films)
Grease (such a classic)
Star Wars (you’ve probably seen them but they always put me in a good mood) (but only the original three, screw the rest) (and Harrison Ford is ofc a snack here too :heart_eyes:)
I can’t come up w more

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If you’re gonna watch the ring: don’t. Watch the original Japanese version, Ringu. Much better movie. Much scarier! :drooling_face:
The shining is hella good tho!

has anyone every watched a movie without sound?

It’s weird I’ve seen it only recently because im a huge sci fi fan. I love everything about it. Music, atmosphere, and the themes :heart:

I’ve seen all of those except Old Boy and Audition. Havent heard of Old Boy but I have heard of Audition. Some of the scenes I’ve heard from it sound unreal lol

Dont get offended but I like star trek so much more than star wars :stuck_out_tongue:

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