What Are Good Sounds To Use As Background Music

Hello! I am starting a new story and decided to include sounds in this one. I don’t know any good background music sounds though… What are some good background sounds to use?

Also how do you make sounds loop and lower volume?

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Go on Episode and read the story “Coding 101” by Tal Gordin. In this story she explains coding on the Episode portal AND has come up with a tool box, which provides you with music and sound sorted by mood.
This is a great way of getting to know music and sound on Episode.
I hope this was helpful. Have a great day! :smile:


to set the music volume the command is

volume music 100 1000

The first number can be anything between 0-100, when 0 is completly silent and 100 is 100% of volume

The secont is time in miliseconds for how long the change of volume shouls happen.

So if you want to change yout music to 50% volume and you want that this change happens in 3 seconds the code will be

volume music 50 3000

after the 3 seconds it will play on 50% volume till you again change the colume command.

Also remember that the volume setings is not resett by new scene so if you fade your music to 0 you must always add command to set it back to higher number in place you want to hear the music again

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Thank you for the help!

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