What are people interested in reading? What turns them away from reading?

(Thank you to anyone who reads through this!)

Hey there.
I’m currently planning and writing my first story on Episode. I’ve been wanting to write this story on and off for about a year now, and I’m finally trying it out!

I was just curious for feedback on what types of stories everyone is interested in? I try not to make my story cliche and give it a unique plot, but I’m still very nervous moving forward…

As a new author, I’d love some tips on what you think makes a good story to better improve the one I’m working on :))

Also, what are you tired of seeing/what turns you away from reading a story? I mean obviously many people dislike mafia stories, so I’ll ask you this. My story is a mafia/gang related story but it’s not really your typical “bad boy leader” type of story that is all over this app :woman_facepalming:t2:

Would you still give my story a shot if it was (or what i think) is a somewhat “different” story? lol

Sorry to bother you with this, but if anyone would leave me tips or feedback, I’d honestly appreciate it so so much!



Sure, I would give your story a chance, because I don’t like judging them by its cover, if y’know what I mean.

To be honest, what makes people want to read stories is the unique quality of it and the added elements of romance. As long as the romance isn’t cliche and is interesting, it does add interest to your story. As for the the unique quality, well, this should be obvious. If it has a unique plot, then of course readers will be interested.

Cliche stories do turn people away, in my opinion. What also turns them away is the lack of character development. Character development is very important, and it’s important that you do it right. When you proofread your upcoming story, try reading it from a reader’s perspective, and ask yourself if the main characters seem interesting. If the answer is yes, then you did a good job. If the answer is no, then no worries, you can always fix that.

While I would suggest to stay away from the whole mafia/gang theme, I guess if the story will be good, then it’ll be alright. I hope this helps!


Thank you for the feedback, this really helped!

Yes there’s a lot of Episode stories about gangs and mafia, but don’t let that turn you away from your own story. I have no problem with stories that’s about the mafia or gangs, what I have a problem with is the lack of awareness and realism that sometimes takes place in such stories.

Cliches are not always bad - there are some cliches that are often used in stories and that doesn’t brother me. Cliches can still work in a story if used correctly. But like I said, if the story is unrealistic and (as many of the stories on Episode) not very original then it will bother me.

My advice would be; try to avoid the common and unrealistic cliche plot points that are often seen on Episode - for example, like you said, the “bad boy” persona, treating the MC as absolute trash. I also don’t really like the “she was the only woman in the entire world that had ever rejected him, therefore he must have her!!” or the “she’s not like the other girls”.

All mafia stories are almost never about the MC’s morality and conscience, I mean they’re literally joining the mafia, that’s bound to create at least some inner conflicts in the real world. Also, how is the story going to end? Should they have a happy ending or not? I mean technically the mafia ARE the bad guys, so do they really deserve a happy ending? I would love to read a story that had a conflicts like that implemented.

So I say go for it, just be aware of the bad cliches and give the story your own originality! I would love to read a “different” mafia story!:slight_smile:

I was actually going to make a topic about this but heres good too.
Theres a problem with cliches. I really don’t like them but I understand them
With the amount of stories on here its hard not to repeat elements or plot lines but when it happens so often it becomes a cliche
Then there’s the cliche stories, it feels like a lot of people just do it for the views because you see so many of them at once, but then it sucks for the people who do it in a unique way because a stigma about them as been formed.

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