What are roleplays?


I’m new to the community and completely clueless! Can someone explain what roleplays are and what people do in them?


Roleplays are Role Playing as someone else. The short form for it is RP.
If you want to RP here, you should sign up first on a sign up thread.
Here’s the basic information you’ll need to sign up a character.

Name (your character’s name)
Age (your character’s age)
Gender (the gender of your character)
Bio (your character’s backstory)
Personality (your character’s personality)
Faceclaim (a picture of how your character looks like)

You can also read the guidelines for RPing or something to get more info.

After signing up and when you can RP as your character, there might or might not have a faceclaim for everyone’s character. (Some of them don’t)

How to RP? Just put your character’s name and where they are (optional) and who they’re with (optional too). Then put in what your character will be doing.

ORP and OOC are for when you’re not RPing on the RP thread.
ORP: Out of Role Play
OOC: Out Of Character




Welcome to our RP/SG community, @AnonymousAuthor1! I’m glad you’re interested in learning more about them, and they’re an excellent way of developing your writing, meeting new people, and perhaps making friends.

Start Here: Rules to the SG & RP Subcategory and GUIDE: How to RP/SG has most of the information you’ll need if you want to roleplay. What roleplays and story games are will also be explained in the guide too. Joining a few RP/SGs (either a large one, or a smaller one in The 1x1/Small Group RP Thread) and chatting with a couple members beforehand may help you grasp a better understanding of how our community works. Post any new ideas you have in the New Ideas Thread and include a poll, so members can vote to show interest.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to PM me, or anyone else. If you choose to RP, have fun, and I hope to see you around more often! ^-^

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