What Are Some Cool Directing Ideas To Impress Your Friends & Family?

Hiiii. I am trying to figure out some cool ideas to code for a special story to show my friends and family. I want them to get what I do and to be impressed by my work without actually having them read my story.

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Maybe use tappable overlay choices? And advanced directing (obviously)

Also, If your story has CC, make it really broad. I mean, add hijabs, freckles, tattoos, etc. In the CC

I once did a card shuffling scene just for directing points. 10/10 would recommend if you want to impress someone.

I also recommend looking at some of @Emmzy and @norfolkowl’s threads here on the forums as they’re the two users who are literally always doing some sort of cool-new-directing-thing


Magic & minigames are always cool

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Thank you all for your suggestions. I really appreciate it.

Thank you so much for the tag :slight_smile: XXX
@Phoenix_Blackwell what type of things are you looking to code?
I mainly do mini games

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Thanks guys again. I am just looking for something that will make parents, grandparents, basically anyone who has never played Episode, proud of me. So anything complicated and impressive.

Ok so I’ve made a couple of mini games which you could try out if you like (don’t have to obviously)

so you could try coding a mini game here are a few I’ve thought of

Create an escape room this is something I’ve been planning to do, I haven’t done it yet though, maybe you could try make one?

Simon says- where those colour things light up in a pattern and you have to remember the pattern

Custom templates- I’ve seen a few of these and damn they look impressive- they are basically tappable overlays that are linked to every feature of the create a character, allowing the reader to make their own character

Mini stories

If you and draw maybe make some custom backgrounds?

@Emmzy that is amazing.

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