What are some good free art apps to install for PC?

I want to get a good and free art app to download for PC so I can start creating art for myself and others.

Any ideas?? xx

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I used to use Paint and Paint 3D.

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I use Gimp 2 or FireAlpaca. Although Gimp 2 is more of a photoshopping program, but you can use it to create art. On the other hand FireAlpaca is designed for digital art and you can even make animations on there! Honestly I find Gimp 2 to have more unique helpful tools, but it did take me awhile to learn how to use it.



yea i’ll try gimp, thankyou x

The application isn’t very self explanatory, so if you have any questions on how to start using it, you can always PM me!!

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I’d say Medibang Paint


Ok ill take a look at it

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