What are some good stories are episode?

What are some good stories on episode and say why.

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Do you mind if I’ll post some of my topics here?
They feature the stories I really like.

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I don’t mind. You can post anything!

Below are from my old account:

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Definitely, chain reaction. That series made me cry and laugh and scream and love. The fact that all their series were so good was quite rare. It’s really hard now-a-days to find stories that make their readers anxious on what comes next in a story because we already know how its going to end now. It was a little cliche but it had character development. it had meaningful scenes, etc. The fact that, that series made me want to read more every episode stories is wow :eyes:

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Omg yes I agree

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And it’s just an illusion

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I like Billionaire Bachelor,Craving for Him.Craving for You,all the romance (I am a lonely romantic )

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Ahah! Craving for you is really good. I forgot what it was about tho

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Why are they good though

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Because their relationship started out as hate but somewhere along the way he said revenge is not for the one you love but the one who hurt the one you love.All the stories have there love/hate relationship but maybe they were in denial.

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Yeah I remember

I meant the others on. lol.

her name is Bella and they thought this was like beauty and the beast

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I’d suggest these in no specific order (completed stories are in bold):

  • Fiancee for Hire (it sounds really cliche and obvious, but it’s actually pretty good!)

  • Times square | Janine Dela Cruz (its a pretty good rom-com, plus the point system actually has a lot to do with the story omg)

  • Toothbrush | Lucky (it’s featured now, but nothing beats the original!)

  • The Dragon Bride | earlgreystories (good fantasy and characters, so binge it!)

  • Trapped | Alusza (it’s Castaway, but with Wilson as a hot dude, romance ensues, the sequel’s on its way)

  • I Married a Knight | earlgreystories (The chemistry between the LI and MC is SO GOOD.)

  • Before You say I Do | Lexisode (HOLY SHIT THE TEA AND DRAMA IN THIS SIS. Both LI’s actually have a fair chance at winning over the MC but it’s up to the reader’s preference.)

  • Music from his heart | Beeble Hope (another cliche sounding title, but the progression of the main characters are okay, plus it can or can’t be a reader-insert fantasy thanks to the choices)


I love toothbrush

Love trapped!

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Not all monsters are evil (only if ur into gang stuff.)
Not all monsters are evil by L.D, even tho this story is a tiny bit cliche, the author has put some amazing plot twists and art scenes.

I also recommend this author Hopemoon, how has read some thrilling action/ romance/ drama novels!!


Personal favorites are

  • Jaded Love by Bri
  • Finding Emerald by Sarah Kieser

Edit - I think Jaded Love is good it shows how the MC goes through crap but it shows her development. My opinion, the author did great by showing development with her MC.

Finding Emerald shows good directing and the true meaning of love. To find your worth even if someone has to help out. It shows her development too!



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Hello aze_nieve!!!

I have read Jaded love with my bff and we loved it!! I got a new phone and forgot about it!!! Thx

  • The Wall by J. Miley - quite possibly the best-directed story on the entire app. Even though it’s a medieval fantasy type story, everything about it is realistic from the storyline to the directing. There are three love interests (2 male and 1 female) and even an option to have no love interest. It uses the point system for courage, peacemaking, and survival.
  • The Ruby Tiara by Wincy W. - Another medieval fantasy with amazing directing. It has two love interests in the completed Ink version, I think three in the Limelight version. You decide whether you want to stay in the fantasy land with the love interest or return home. Moonlit Feathers is the prequel and is equally amazing. Also available in Ink and Limelight
  • Scorned by Amber J. Martin - Another realistically directed story that looks like a movie. It’s the prequel to her other masterpiece The Game (also highly recommend) that addresses sensitive topics in a very mature and realistic manner.
  • Speak by J. Miley - Most raw and realistic portrayal of mental health struggles I’ve read on Episode. Ink version is complete, but Limelight version improved storyline and directing is out of this world. Addresses a lot of serious and sensitive topics in a very mature and realistic manner. A few chapters of the sequel Silence are out, and they are equally amazing.
  • Music From His Heart by Beeble Hope - Great directing and storyline. It has a lot of cliche elements but fashioned in a non-cliche way. Kind of a forbidden love with a college rock star story with loads of amazing music references.

solis : regnum fortes by @TheBigMystery is a story that i would definitely recommend
the genre is elemental magic type of fantasy
the story is still ongoing (each chapter takes a long time to make according to aedus/the writer)

you play with 2 mc/pov (1M & 1F) both can be fully customized
4 LI for the FMC & 3 LI for the MMC (Lesbian/Gay option available) 2 LI (based on the personality you choose) will be fully customizable while the other option won’t be able to get any customization
advanced directing
diversity characters
great plot
choices are important
uses point system

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