What are some good stories are episode?

solis : regnum fortes by @TheBigMystery is a story that i would definitely recommend
the genre is elemental magic type of fantasy
the story is still ongoing (each chapter takes a long time to make according to aedus/the writer)

you play with 2 mc/pov (1M & 1F) both can be fully customized
4 LI for the FMC & 3 LI for the MMC (Lesbian/Gay option available) 2 LI (based on the personality you choose) will be fully customizable while the other option won’t be able to get any customization
advanced directing
diversity characters
great plot
choices are important
uses point system

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I read it like twice and I started to have dreams about it and I totally cried :joy:


War Dogs by Kayla

Amazing plot and directing. It has a lot of diversity and it’s really funny. Long chapters. And it’s so good it can make you just cry :sob:

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I really enjoy this story. Yeah, it’s a crime story, yeah it’s a mafia story, but there are some crazy plot twists that I never expected.

The Way We Were by @laurrstories

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