What are some good stories to read with a badass female MC?


I’m looking for something that’s not clichéd and with a strong female character. Also I already read the big stories like adrenaline so if you have more underrated stories please recommend. thanks


The Ruby Tiara has a really badass and strong female character.


already read it lol


Confessions of a teenage detective?
Dripping mascara?
Wasted Roses?
Joseph Evans stories?


He Can’t Tame Me


Fine Line by Evil Ebonni
I Despise You by Isabella Costa
Infamous by Kayla Sloans
Dead 7 by Kayla Sloans
The Renegades by Sonja Kingston
Annabelle by Nis

And here is a really underrated one I found on the forum:
Guard in Rouge by @B612_Resident


Hidden identities the vigilante is excellent and adrenaline is another one.


Definitely “not interested”.


The gangs. After the first few chapters, the story gets real good!


The secret of Rain


Hmm… “Badass” and “underrated” is subjective but I’ll still leave a recommendation here :blush:

Title: Birds of Passage by Brooke Adair
Genre: Adventure
Description: An opportunity given out of despair brings you one step closer to your dreams of being an explorer for your kingdom.

The story has been fully released, so no need to wait forever for new chapters to come.


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