What are some of your favorite animations?



Hey everyone!

Basically, I feel like there is some animations that we all prefer and we use more often than others. That one animation that just stands out to you and you love is the one that you probably use the most in your stories.

Comment below what animation is your favorite! (Also, say if it’s an INK or Limelight animation) :wink:



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tbh, i kinda like ink animations better, and i love all of them, but limelight has more than ink so, i would say i love them both. all animations. lol


Personally, my fav is any animation from ink that involves a cupcake lol :cupcake:

Out of curiosity, did anyone choose kick_crotch_give and kick_crotch_receive_rear, both animations from Limelight as their favorites? :thinking:


INK scream, flirt_fingersnap and shush because of the faces it makes, makes for some great awkward moments lol


I really like the condescending/shifting eyes, arms crossed animations.


I like shush as well! It’s hilarious :joy:


Personally, I like idle_blowhands_cold_loop, because it has an element of sadness so when used properly, it can make the situation very lonely, heartwarming, and touching.


idle_argument_angry_loop, walk_sing_energetic_loop, talk_bangdoor_intense, the unreleased flying animation + mini tantrum, kick_crotch_give lol


I don’t like receiving it but I like doing it lol (to clarify… not irl.) I like it for female characters because it makes them appear strong (not in the context of kicking crotches, just the motion itself.)



idle_awkward of female