What are some of your favourite writing prompts

It can be any genre

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Hey Meghan2,

I guess you mean: what would I like to see in a story? I am a writer and a reader. For me it’s simple.
As a reader:

  • I would love to see more stories without clichĂ©s. Give me a soft LI, no alley creeps, no backstabbing besties or mean girls. Give me a story about older MC’s or LI’s (I am 40 so, I am over high school.) I can live with college stories, but not high school. Write a unique story that interests me from the start.;
  • I would love to see more stories where the MC and LI don’t love each other instantly. Let them fall in love. Let the emotions grow. In real life love at first side is seldom.;
  • Try to avoid taboos as an author. I don’t like to read stories about 30 year old teachers having a relationship with a minor (that’s gross and forbidden) or relationships between relatives (also gross and forbidden). Age doesn’t matter for me, but if you want to write about age difference in a relationship, why not about a 60 year old with a 40 year old?;
  • To my fellow readers: don’t be rude to authors. Don’t ask for CC if they give a reason why they don’t CC, don’t ask them for updates. And especially don’t troll them or send threats to their fan-mail. They are humans, too. They have a life near Episode. If you don’t like their story, don’t read further. And if something is really bothering you about the story, just send the author a decent message.

And same goes for my fellow authors: don’t be rude to the readers. Never ignore them or calling them out on Instagram, Facebook or over here on the forums. If they say something negative, just keep your head up and ignore the negativity.

Love A-W


Excellent reply.

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