What are some of your MC & LI icks?

This question is currently circulating around the episode reddit & I was just going to bring the discussion over to forums!

What are your biggest main character & love intrest picks?

Here are some of mine:

MC (female)
  • Ridiculously “short” mc’s that make the height difference awkward & hard to read
  • the purely nonexistent “innocent” mc
  • ones that lack fundamental communication skills & run from problems/confrontation
  • rude mcs that are excused because they’re “bad girls” you can be a bad girl & still respect others & have common decency
  • hypocrites that get mad & throw a punch when the mc speaks to another dude but has no issue sl*eping with others & expect that to be find
  • LI that blames their trauma for every single bad thing/decision they make
  • Controlling LI

Those are some of mine but feel free to share yours below!




To be honest there is not much I consider a ick as it is a character, like if the character is well made, make sense, suit the story well then I’m fine with almost anything. But, obviously if he’s just a jerk #classicdouchbag then I don’t think I would appreciate the character. I also dislike when they are too “cringe” corny etc.


For the MC, i don’t like when theyy are just always rude for no reason because now I feel bad for every pther characters ahah.

Hope it helped! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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