What are some story plots and names you guys want to read?

I’m trying to make a story. Its just I have no idea what to write about. Can you guys give me some ideas?

Maybe a girl recovering from the loss of her mother?

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a suspenseful thriller type

Avoid clichés as far as you can. If you want to write a “real” story (which is bcuz you like to write it and you want to spread your ideas to the world), don’t write anything related to cliché. You can write about health awareness (both physical and mental), a special love story where is no bad boys, gangsters, etc. Maybe you can write clichés then add special plot twists/better characteristics for your characters.

Anything synonymous with Forrest Gump, Jerry Maguire, Ocean’s Eleven or Slumdog Millionaire! (The last one is :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sunglasses::sunglasses:)

Thanks you guys are the best!

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The best place to get some inspiration is to look up ‘writing prompts’ on Google or Pinterest, and then adding your own twist to them. Just be creative, that’s what I did for my first story. **PLUG (Fallen Between Time):rofl:


Mystery / Music related

Choose something you like to read, you have some relation to, but add original vision. I agree with all of others that is good to avoid cliché. I think some realness (not dramatic situations 24/7, I mean who have something like that in their live) is missing. It will be good to take rest of all the gang leaders,pregnant girls,bad boys etc. Also if you choose romance I would love to see some independence in girl character actions.
Let me know when you write and publish your story :blush:
Good luck :heart:

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