What are some things that have happened in the episode community this year?

Name some of the best and worst things that have happened in the episode community this year, and we can all remember them as we go into a deep nostalgia state of mind.

The thing with the crossover/character rule. Everyone went wild on that. :tired_face:



I remember that! I was infuriated when that guideline came out. I definitely overreacted, but at the time, I was so heated. Thinking about it really makes me laugh now :joy::joy::joy:. Good times lol.

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Epyxmagic was formed, I made more directing how to threads and had story services running. I also met new amazing friends. The Givers Thread came to a close, I lost a story. Having to censor the word sh*t made me pretty upset. Bad things happened but good things, too.

2019 passed and still no social feed app :blob_sun:


Amazing. Truly. New memories will come, though!

except for the bad things u said, those were not amazing. lmaoooo

I have way more amazing memories from the Episode community during 2019 that I treasure a lot but it would take me like half the day (or more) to write it all up lol :joy: I have more bad memories, too, from this year, like when a user attacked me on my thread and claimed I hate them out of nowhere, very rude :woozy_face:

Very true :100:

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I just joined the forums in January, so my memories of the beginning are a little fuzzy as I was still learning everything, but:

  • Shaniiwrites got banned only slightly after I met her, she feels like a faint memory, like someone who enters and leaves your life all while you’re just a little kid and all you remember are hazy images…
  • That rule about Episode Assets, still not really sure what that was about
  • Of course, the new guidelines toward the end, got some covers purged, I was pretty ticked that I can’t write “fuck” in my story during moments of high emotion…
  • Limelight wishlist thread was created
  • Nothing else comes to mind lol.

I wrote my very first story, won a contest, met a lot of amazing people, became part of the Episode Heard Awards :ok_woman:t2:

Still no sign of a sci-fi genre :grimacing:

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When we got different body types :scream::scream::scream::scream:

Not :weary:

Episode Wish list.

I formed my very own drawing style. No more epy character tracing. Began writing 3 new stories and discontinued them. Now I’ve begun advancing the stories directing. Formed new friends, and lost many. My phone started acting like crackhead, still is one :joy:. Opened an art shop but lazy to click on that topic.

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