What are some things that make a story stand out?

Im writing a story about vampires.
I was just wondering what are some things that make a story stand out.

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  • advanced directing (done well! we are boundless by georgia sanders uses overlays to make it look like the li is playing piano, instead of using the computer typing animation. it truly is great.)
  • custom backgrounds & overlays
  • as i’m into designing, i pay a lot of attention to character outfits.
  • advanced point systems (throne of flesh has an amazing one.)
  • Characters with an in-depth personality (there’s more to them than meets the eye)
  • Love interests that are sweethearts
  • Good representation and diversity
  • Advanced directing with barely any errors
  • Proper use of Episode music
  • Interesting concepts in a story
  • Tropes or cliches with a twist

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