What are some things that make you not want to read the story?

I hate when the characters introduce there selfs,I don’t like reading long stories,if there’s no music,and the story just don’t get to the plot right away.

What’s some things that make you not want to read a story?

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I hate when the author interjects in the middle of chapters


I agree. I don’t like author’s messages; however, I’m not sure if it would turn me away.
There’s so much to chose from:

  • Bad grammar
  • Bad directing
  • Bad plots
  • Lack or overuse of music (However, this probably wouldn’t stop me from reading if the episode is good.)
  • Lack of uniquity/orginality or being cliche/unrealistic for that genre

They are just a few.


When the first chapter is just customisation. If the author can’t be bothered to write a first chapter properly with CC, then I won’t waste passes.


Already a topic on this

Did not know

That is fine.

did not mean to sound rude in the reply

pregnancy stories…I just find them boring.