What are some things you would love to see in a story?

I don’t know if this was done yet, but I remeber there was a post here asking people what made them not want to finish stories and a lot of the things named there gave people who make stories an idea of what some people want, so I thought it would be neat if a post like this was made to further help them in that department.

So, boy and girls … “What are some things you would love to see in a story?”

I’ll go first

I would love to see a story with multiple LIs that don’t revolve around the MC if she/he chose a different MC. For instance I would love an option to pair some off them off to other people instead of them being single as if the MC is the one and only person they could date.


I would love to see a story that really shows the reality of mental health through the whole story, not just it being shoved in a random story where it dosnt make sense. I hope you get what I mean as I really hope someone makes one that really focuses on there health and how they are struggling, to show others that they are not alone, but to also help others have an understanding of mental health? I hope this makes sense lol


That makes perfect sense and I agree completely. I haven’t come across any stories where mental disorders are used, but I doubt stories that do use them make them look as they really are.

A happy ending where the MC gets together w/ the preferred love interest. And the main couple not dying.

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Ooh yeah that’s a great idea. Totally stealing it for the story I’m outlining now :laughing:

For me I would love to see a fantasy story where you can become a badass villain instead of saving the world. I know someone recommended one in another thread (which is on my to-read list) but I think there aren’t too many of those out there, would be awesome to see more. Being the “chosen one” and saving the world gets a bit old after a while. Sometimes you just wanna be bad!


Take it, since I said I would love to see more of it, I’m glad you all are “stealing” it and thinking of making it a reality instead of just my imagination. I’m doing the same thing, but in that case I’d have to make a pivotal option that would be the last option where the MC gets to choose who it is and there’s no going back afterwards, otherwise it’d be too convoluted for me to give him the option again after picking somebody because then all the others who might already have partners would be options again and that would create drama that would make the fact they can be paired up with other people seem not important and stupid by comparrison.

And also if the Mc and Li are not dumb to make some stupid ass decisions and also if the story is not too dramatic for eg: everytime the mc and li finally get together, some shit happens like the li’s ex or some girl talks to mc in private and tells her/him that the mc still loves the ex and then without even talking to li the mc runs away and now the li is heart broken like fr this is trashbag bruh i hate it when it just happens WHY SO DRAMATIC?? :japanese_ogre::boom:

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Also, to add to yours, either misscommunication or bad communication tropes when they’re used for drama and not for comedy. Like the esxistence of this is so frustrating, I would love to read a single book where everything can’t be simply resolved by somebody sitting down and listening, especially after an “I can explain”
I like complex plots where something can’t be explained by “Wait let me explain”
For instance, one of my favorite novels shows a miscommunication trope. A woman basically lays out her plan to marry a man she doesn’t love for money, but the love of her life heard it all and left before she finished laying out her twisted way of saying she wants that man instead. He left for a few years and she married the man. It was his own damn fault, but he proceeded to take revenge on her husband (how dare he marry her), their daughter (how dare she be related to her but not also him), and her husband’s sister. He also manipulates a young girl to mary his dying son so he could get her husbands mansion in the case of his death and she would be left penniles.
My opinion is if you include a miscommunication trope in your story, it better be like Heathcliff’s story becuase somebody who doesn’t stick around to listen and jumps to conclusion, and then thinks they deserve revenge because something they don’t like happened because they didn’t stick around to listen should not have a happy ending.

If you want your story to be sad, make it truly gut wrenching or at least a bit sad, like the Winchester brothers, when Sam decided to trust a random demon rather than his brother and she was tearing them apart. How I cried there you can’t imagine. Something like that, things being torn apart in such a way that it’s not obvious if the couple will be back together by the end … Or at least something that isn’t repetitive!