What are some things your story has been flagged for?

What have you been flagged for? I think it would be helpful for others to know what could get flagged, and this could also be a way to really figure out why you were flagged in the first place!

I personally haven’t been flagged yet, but my story doesn’t have many readers yet so we’ll just have to see lol


I’ve never been flagged since I always delete my stories before they get to 150 reads lol BUT I’ve seen some people on the forums getting flagged for:

  • Drinking
  • Sensitive topics (such as r*pe)
  • Sexual implications and or phrases

Interesting, do you know the details of each? Like how they referenced the drinking, sensitive topics, and sexual implications?

Also side question: why delete your stories before 150 reads? Just wondering

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I’m not sure of the details honestly, sometimes Episode will state specific lines and other times they may be vague. There was a topic recently that I replied to today about how their story was flagged but I can’t seem to find it anymore.

And for the side question: I just wasn’t satisfied with them. 1 was actually for a contest entry and it got like 109 reads but it was rushed and I had no plan for it (ending wise), I did have 1 fan, but I deleted it quickly since I realized I wasn’t going to update it. I am working on some stories that I will write all the Episodes to before I publish to ensure they will be completed :slight_smile:

Well hopefully you feel better about your new story! I get it though, I’ve redone so many of my episodes because I rushed them.

My story didn’t get flag but I did have the chance to edit a scene since it didn’t quite fit well with the guidelines at the time. I did end up just editing that part out and my story has been fine ever since :woman_shrugging:t4:

Or maybe I did get flagged :rofl: idk at this point

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Hahaha I felt that, I’ve definitely gone back and realized what I had written went against episodes sensitive guidelines. What did you have to change?

It was a make out scene between the Mc and a random guy, I made him kiss her stomach but made him go down and moved the blanket overlay at the same so they thought it was something else :joy:. So when they asked if I could edit the scene I did and just deleted that part out

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My story got flagged for: using humour to lighten the mood during a coming out scene, another part of that scene got flagged for saying “kiss a guy, f*ck a guy, go to a gay bar,” oh and speaking of the f-word, my story got flagged due to a character saying she was finding a man to f for the night (cheating on her bf- this I can agree was too explicit lol), another one was an authority figure telling an abuser that if they take their own life to escape the consequences of their actions it would be good riddance… and I think that’s everything?

To a degree, I can understand why some of these were flagged. It’s hard to keep my story in the guidelines because of all the themes that run through it. But I keep getting flagged for unexpected things! Honestly, it really demotivated me and I wanted to give up, but so many people have been supporting me and my story that I just kept going and hoped I wouldn’t get flagged again in the future. I’m praying, because I realllly want to get shelved soon.

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