What are Story cliches that you hate, and what are most stories lacking

What are the biggest cliches you are so sick of! Personally for me it’s the ugly duckling type stories when the MC changes clothes and then randomly changes her attitude, that’s very unrealistic.

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And mean girls who come onto you because you were ‘eyeing’ at the bad boy during class.


That’s a cringe as well!


Hate that so much. The mean Girl who hated you for no reason. Like i understand if there is one. But usally its just that you exist there is the reason


I hate how most authors portray bad boys who are legit fuckboys and has a cold personality with a bad past. Like can’t we have a bad boy who has a nice personality, who ain’t a fuckboy? Not all bad boys have to be fuckboys lmao


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I agree with all of this

Regarding emotionally distant “bad boys:” there are plenty of ways to make a character who is guarded or emotionally reserved without making them a jerk who thinks they’re entitled to treat people like dirt because their rich dad placed too high of expectations on them. There are a lot of reasons why a character may have trouble opening up to others or why they have a hard time processing or explaining their emotions. Being reserved doesn’t have to mean being uncaring.

The idea that someone’s an @$$hole but “they have a good reason for it” is just fodder to set up the MC (or a person IRL) to be an emotional punching bag. They do all the emotional work to help the LI process their feelings and in return they just get to keep being the emotional garbage disposal. If someone tells me they’re an @$$hole I believe them and stay away.

I think it speaks to what’s missing on episode which is any real depth to characters and their dynamics with each other. Whether it’s romantic relationships, friendships, family relationships, it’s hard to get invested in any of them. Why should I care about characters or relationships that show no context for how and why I should root for them? I would love to see more emphasis on a) the importance of connection in any relationship and b) the importance of platonic relationships. These kinds of relationships can allow you to understand the character better and help set the tone for how the characters will drive the plot.

  • Any story that describes the main bad boy LI with the classic “Every girl wants to be with him and every guy wants to be him” line. I cannot tell you how often I see some variation of this line in romance stories.

  • When the LI bets that he can get MC to fall in love with him in X amount of days but (surprise surprise) he ends up really falling for her. Soon after, she finds out ‘it was all a bet’, MC and LI have an emotional falling out only to end up back together in the end. I’ve seen this storyline way too much for it to be interesting, it’s way too predictable.

But in all honesty, the cliche itself isn’t necessarily the thing I hate. It really just comes down to whether or not the cliche in the story is written well, which is almost always not the case.


And I don’t like the story plot where you hate the bad boy then the bad boy is interested in you because he’s never had a girl who hadn’t rejected him before. common sense? :woman_shrugging:t2:



Some story cliches I don’t like are:

  • When the MC gets crazy drunk and hooks up with an LI and that’s the basis of their relationship.
  • The LI saving MC from sexual assault. If you want to make the LI look hot and cool, you can do it in other ways.
  • Mean girls whose sole existence in the plot is to be mean to the MC, usually because they’re fighting over LI. Like … Give them more depth than that.

I would love it if stories had characters drink alcohol responsibly. We need more of that. Also, if you’re doing a classic high school story, give characters more depth than just broody bad boy, jealous mean girl, and innocent nerdy MC.


Thanks to all

I don’t like stories with multiple LL, because usually MC is just straight up making out with all of them and they are just okay with her flirting with all of them and in most cases she ends up with the “bad boy”.
I think some authors would be able to make this type of story work, but in most cases this scenario is just cliché and predictable.


I can tell pretty much straight away when someone is just aloof/standoffish/closed-off whatever and when they’re just being a plain old *sshole. And most LIs on the app are flat-out mean! You’d have to be a special kind of glutton for punishment if you still fall for them. I don’t care what kind of sob story they’ve got to justify treating the MC like a doormat. It’s so pathetic :roll_eyes:


Well, personally, I’m a little sick of seeing a ‘mean girl’ antagonist who seems to despise the MC for no reason other than “she caught the eye of the hottest guy in school” or reasons like that. There’s nothing wrong with including antagonists, they’re actually a great addition to the story. However, when authors include the stereotypical bitchy, sly girl who seems to be driven only by revenge and her hatred of the MC for such a petty reason, it’s just not my cup of tea. :no_good_woman:t2:
No hate to authors who do choose to put this character in, though. Everyone has their own visions for their story and it’s not my place to judge that.


for me s now the bigest cliche all the mafia related…all he sotries have the same plot.

Girl get somehow trapped with a guy who is cold mafia leader and than he slowly falls for her…usually he in some point reject her to protect her , or she got kidnapped or she shoots him or all of it… on and on the same

.I was enjoing first story with this plot because it was new but now thre are so many of them…I actuall really like the emotionaly distant bit colg love interest but why thay all have to be killers?

I start to have feeling like if the authors don’t know how else to create a dramatic twists …I mean even a guy who is not criminal can get to rought life thretening situations, even non criminal can be emotional jerk… why MOBS why MAFIA. all the time…

It actually mede me slowly to hate it even and it started to look to me allarming how many stories romantize relationship with criminal drugdealer and killer…

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I just wanted to write the same! :joy:
All of these mafia stories are literally the same, can’t read those anymore! :weary:


So true

I don’t like the Mary Sue MC. I’m sorry but no sixteen/seventeen/eighteen year old is that clueless especially if they have been in the public school system their entire life. Even if they were somehow able to get that far without knowing much of well anything they least of all would catch on quick because they would have heard about it here and there. Also no one is perfect that includes a MC. People make mistakes and that in a story leaves room for character development which is highly important. If your MC is a Mary Sue and is already perfect then your story to me is boring.

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