What are the background dimensions on a tablet?

I wanna make my story accessible to all readers, including those that read Episode on tablets. So to those who read on tablets or those that can answer this question, what are the background dimensions on a tablet?

Or maybe a better question would be, how can I get my backgrounds to fit into the size of a tablet when the minimum size of a background is 640×1136 pixels on a phone?

I’m not 100% sure of the dimensions because I never use a tablet nor my iPad for reading but it’s always best to direct your story with the guide box (left side of the previewer) on so you have a better idea of what some readers might see / might not be able to see or select.

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I read episode on ipad and also writing on ipad. So, it doesn’t matter about the size of the BG, you just have to make sure everything is visibile on guide box. The BG, characters, overlays, and bubblespeech.

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I agree, but it would help to know the exact dimensions to save time with trying to zoom on where exactly the readers should see the background. Maybe I could ask Episode?

Wait, even if I did shrink down my backgrounds to tablet size, I wouldn’t be able to upload them to Episode. I guess the guidebox will do the trick for me and I’ll just have to use trial and error to make it work for everybody.

@Sydney_H can you close this?

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Closed by OP request :smiley: