What are the cringiest episode stories you've ever read and why?

i’ll be waiting for half of your answers to be mafia stories AHAHHA

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Not a specific story, but I hate when a character is supposed to be a bad boy and he immediately starts getting lovey dovey with the MC. It ruins stories for me haha. Also when love interests fall in love immediately and call each other pet names, I love you, etc. Like come one that’s not how it works :sob:


lmfaooo i swear, like it completely contradicts their whole bad boy persona

NO NOT THE PET NAMES. you just gave me extreme flashbacks

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No fr it bugs me so much, like I’m here for a bad boy hahaha



Not a specific story but honestly, it always makes me cringe or just ruins the vibe everytime I read a horror/mystery/thriller story and there’s love evolving between the MC and a love interest. Especially if that becomes the most important thing in the story plot… Like, if I wanted a love story I’d read romance :sob: usually I just exit from the story and am desperate to find e.g. a good horror story focused on just horror, not on the cute little love of two characters. :sob: I hope this will change as I love horror/mystery/thriller stories :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Please recommend me thriller/horror!!

When the MC has zero agency at all, this happens alot and they are literally just for the LI, this is gross and frankly boring to me. It happens alot and I immediately exit the story. I want my MC to be the MC not the LI.

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