What are the different trust levels?


What is the difference between a basic user and a member? Why are some forumers episode community members and others not? I haven’t seen it but is there a higher trust level than a member?

Wow, that was a lot of questions!


Hey I had this exact same question when I joined the forums!
Here it is: How do I become a member?


Thanks, do you have the answers for any of the other questions???


Everyone starts off as a basic user and after being on the forums for a month I think, you become a member. The member is what everyone pretty much is, unless your a forum administrator that is, and I’m pretty sure they work for the episode team and just manage the forums. You’ve probably seen them around, they have a shield looking icon next to their name, and are very helpful :smiley:. Some of their names are, Jeremy, Ryan and Syndey H, but there are a lot more too.


Okay, thanks.


Everyone is a basic user. Only the accounts that were transferred from the old forums have the “episode community member” rank :sparkles::hearts:




Trust levels have their own setting by default upon forum installation and activation. The team is still hard at work on a system that makes best sense for the community. Keep an eye out in the announcements section of the forums for any updates regarding this. Thanks all for your patience and continued support :sunglasses: