What are the little things that make you love someone?


For example: I was mad at this person and then they started dusting off a jacket but they did so gently I couldn’t stay mad at them .


With the guy I love, his laugh really made me love him. And just little comments he makes.


aww so cute :slight_smile:


lol there’s this boy, who I’ve liked for nearly 2 years, I love our awkward conversation. like he is confidently awkward… if that makes any sense at all?


hahahah :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


A persons smile, or laugh, or how confused they can get at the simplest things (lol)


Yes indeed :grin:


Well I’m in love with two guys lol but the first one I loved I can’t help but love his humor and how close we are and the other guy I love his smile and how he looks at me


I like two guys and the first one is because he is very trustowrthy and when around him I just have the urge to tell hum everything, he is a really good listener. Also he always seems to make me smile the other guy well he is one of the kindest most aweetest person I know. He gentle and calming and super nice.


So, a few years ago, one of my family members was supposed to be home when I came from school, but they weren’t at home and I didn’t have a key plus it was Winter and it was freezing. I spend many hours outside, upset. And when they returned, I was mad and I’ll admit, I wanted to yell at them, however they smiled at me and apologized, so I couldn’t stay mad at them. So, yeah, a smile could go a long way : )
Smiling is very powerful and giving someone a smile can make them feel better and it makes me love them more :smile_cat:

I wasn’t even angry anymore all because of that smile :rofl:
Sigh, I love them XD

SO, yeah, for me, it’s a SMILE.

A very powerful facial expression <3


The guy that I have had a crush on for a little under year has this really adorable habit of brushing his hair over to one side (almost always his right) and it makes me smile. His laugh is another thing that I love beacause, he doesn’t always laugh out loud, so when he does it’s really nice and adorable. And of course that he plays guitar, drums, and piano (plus his singin voice is really amazing! :blue_heart::blue_heart::blush::blush:

I’ll stop now. I’ve said too much lol


It’s his laugh, how his eyes sparkle when he sees something he likes. He’s sometimes so full of himself but at the same time he gives you the feeling of being worth every bit of attention from him. He’s the only real gentleman you’ll find around here. He dances like a professional and play the piano as if every song he wrote was a love song. He’s an actor, not only on stage, but if you look closely you can see his eyebrows raising whenever he’s hurt. He knows exactly what a girl wants to hear.


yes indeed , you can’t stay mad at people you love :slight_smile: :heart:


awwww :heart::heart:


it’s never too much for people you love :heart::heart:


For me …smile too :slight_smile::slight_smile: … I don’t have this boys experience yet but yes when I get mad and someone convince with a very very cute and beautiful smile … I melt … :slight_smile::slight_smile::blush:


You know it’s Kaju when you see quotes :rofl::rofl::rofl:




…that he never gets angry and always tries to make me laugh…:heart::couplekiss_man_woman:

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