What are the specific restrictions for story themes?

I’m new and working on my first story, which I was hoping to include some darker themes.

I read through the ToS and it was pretty vague in terms of what could and could not be included in a story.

For example, could graphic or otherwise unpleasant scenes be hinted at or discussed by characters? I know they can’t be shown directly (and I don’t really have any desire to include things too graphic, anyhow,) but what are the limits of what is allowed to be discussed directly within the narrative?

Are there limits to what language you can use? I see some stories using curse words. Are there certain words not allowed at all? (Other than the obvious ones, like racial or derogatory slurs).

Just looking for some clarification. Thanks for any help!

I read an email from the Episode Team yesterday, and it had all of this information in it. Sexual scenes can’t be shown in stories, and moaning and thrusting, ect. also can’t be shown. Characters can vaguely talk about it, like “How was your night with NAME?” or “Did you and NAME? Do anything last night?”. It also says that stories have to be PG13, and curse words can’t be used, but in the story “It starts with a bra” there is some cursing, and the Episode team worked on that story, so I’m not quite sure about that. Maybe you can just blank the curse words? I hope this helped! :slight_smile:

You could check out:
And here’s a glimpse of it:

Episode sent me an e-mail message saying:
Hello Creator,

Before they publish for the first time many creators have questions about what kinds of content stories can have. We are here to help! You can find our Guidelines here. Stories that meet Episode’s content guidelines are eligible for featuring and more!

The most common things authors put in their stories that aren’t allowed are:

  • Stories that are reproductions, tributes or fan fictions of other books, movies or tv shows.
  • Adding real life celebrities as characters.
  • Depictions of sex acts or sexually explicit content.
  • Slurs or words you would not say in school.

In more detail here: