What Are The Teen Pregnancy Story Cliches?

What are the typical Teen Pregnancy Cilches?

It’s mostly like the bad boy gets the girl pregnant. Then, the bad boy “turns good” because of the girl. And then, they end up together.


I don’t know about these days because I avoid most pregnancy stories, but whenever I read stories in the Classic style where teens ended up getting pregnant, they’d always either have a miscarriage, or they’d come close to having one.


I don’t know if it’s a cliche story but I’ve read Pregnant by a nerd, and surprisingly I really liked it. It’s not a love and happiness everywhere story, almost the contrary and the character development is great! There are currenty 60 episodes I think but it’s not completed


I don’t really read stories where the plot solely revolves around pregnancy, but whenever a character is at the beginning stages of pregnancy, they just throw up everywhere all the time.


How do you feel about parents kicking them out?

Now that is a cliche in a pregnancy story, right ? I mean, any parent would support their child in whatever hard time they’re having… even if they’re not approving it

  • Throwing up the very next day and having that be the confirmation that they’re pregnant.
  • Taking the test the next day and it actually showing up positive.
  • Having some kind of accident (usually car) or getting abused and having that risk losing the baby.
  • The whole school hates them because they got pregnant, but baby daddy is still well liked.
  • Doing time skips over 5 months (in INK) so you don’t have to explain why MC’s baby bump randomly goes from 0 to 100.
  • Having an endless supply of cash to afford all the things you need to prepare for a baby.
  • MC and baby daddy not having jobs.
  • Parents either not being supportive or being overly supportive.
  • MC does well in school, without even trying or studying. I mean, it’s possible to do well whilst pregnant, but takes a lot of effort and focus and that’s usually hard when MC gets distracted with all the baby daddy drama, so…

When they don’t use protection because “it’s my first time. There’s no way I’ll get pregnant” then surprise, surprise…