What are the things you like in episode story

What u you guys like in episode story’s that make u want to keep reading


A good story plot :smiley:


Good cliffhangers. I have to be wanting to read more of the story, or else I won’t continue. :point_up:t4:

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yeah me too

yesss i love cliffhangers So I will make sure I put it in my story


definitely good plot development (so like cliffhangers, plot twists, etc). i also love choices that matter, minigames, character points, and just anything that makes the story interactive.

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I like it when story comes first, and romance second; I like when the female MC has a goal besides getting the perfect guy.

I like humour, even in the darkest dramas or horror.

I like stories that get to the hook quickly.

I like intelligent characters. Sure, people make mistakes, that’s only human, but I like characters that can think their way out of difficult situations.

I like pacing.

I like stories that keep me wanting more, that I’ll want to spend time with these people.

Three dimensional characters. Depth, history, interests, passions.

Mostly I’ll like stories if I can relate to something about one of the characters, either the MC or the LI, or both, or the situation they’re in.

I love Broken Like Me. by Kashee. It’s as much about James dealing with his PTSD and Cami coming to grips with her prior abusive relationship and emotional healing as it is their romance.

I really enjoyed One Of The Girls by Amberose because it was so freaking funny, and I can relate, sort of. I lived with 5 girls in university in an off-campus house, although my experiences weren’t nearly as entertaining as this, it was certainly enlightening.

Glitch Girl by Joseph Evans is an excellent example of plot first writing, and about the female main character’s arc being more about coming into her own as a hero, and saving her mother, and the people of the city from doom. There’s some great twists and turns in the plot and it keeps you guessing.

And finally Caitoriri’s The Infected, (which I hope she’ll do more episodes of soon) which is mostly about surviving a zombie apocalypse. The romance is there, but it’s secondary to the main plot, and it evolves more organically. Tense mini-games and timed choices too.


Good directing, good grammar, and good character development!

Thanks so much this would improve my story

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Do people like bad boys or boys that are nice and caring and will help take care of u positive

Diversity and clean (not specifically advanced) directing.
Not friends that only seem to appear in existence when they’re around the MC.
LI’s that aren’t perfect looking and have recognizable flaws.
When the MC is strong and doesn’t focus and only think about guys.
When violence isn’t romanticized, or seen as cool because a character shows no feeling.

Okay thanks

Original and good ideas, comedy… unpredictable cliff-hangers and plotwists… memes and anything different from what you expect. Try not to copy in any sort of way.

As a writer and reader my expectations are sky high so try so surprise your readers with something different and unpredictable BUT it still works and clicks into the story line. Like don’t bring up anything random, try to tease it before in the form of clues. And then when that thing happens a character in your story can realise that it explains why the clues existed. Tho try not to make the clues too obviously relatable with each other. Give your readers weird clues that make no sense at all but in the end they somehow manage to explain what has happened. It’s a bit hard but you can do it I believe in you :relaxed: idk if you should take my advice lol since its probably useless but i’m just trying to help :sweat_smile:

About romance… make it something different than usual. Make it irresistibly interesting rather than boring (i know there is no such thing as boring romance but im very picky so try to surprise me and your readers :woozy_face: :sparkles:) and also put this main goal in your head: ‘‘I am going to seduce my readers. Yes I will.’’ I’m sure you’ll do great :eyes: :upside_down_face:

If your writing mystery the make you characters suspicious af. It really helps with attracting more people into thinking about the story. A lot of readers like to play detective when there is a mystery so they might be thinking more about the story and trying to solve the mystery, which leaves them into wanting more chapters. Smart move right? :sweat_smile: :crazy_face:

About character death (if you want to kill one lol) please dont make the dead character a random one. Try to add reasons to the death so it make more sense. The only thing that got killed for my is my motivation and creativity lmao :sweat_smile: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Try not to bore your reader. Don’t use too many unnecessary details or backstory elements that don’t matter. Intrigue is the key. Less is more. :relaxed:

So, try not provide too much information. You don’t want to overwhelm your reader with information. That will bore them.

If the story isnt CRAZY and its just chill and aesthetic then avoid drama as much as you can. Some people (like me) play episode to reflect on themselves, their future and their past by relaxing and tasking a break from the hectic life they are living by reading calm episode stories. To satisfy them, try not to add alot of crazy drama into the story, it will hurt their head and cause even more problems into their life lol :sweat_smile: These people are escapists who want to run away from their problems, so you may as well support them while they are at it :smiley:

thank you for reading lol :slight_smile:

Thank you