What are the types of overlays positions? Like scales...*HELP PLEASE*

Hai urm…so I need help I’m trying to make a advanced overlay directing, but I’m stuck. I need to know what things overlays can do. I only know a few…:persevere:

  • Fades which is the change of the opacity
  • Rotation

I NEED HELP PLEASE :sob: :sob:

Shifting and scaling

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Aka making big and smaller and moving it

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Oh well I kinda new that, but is their any others???

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Um…I dont think so…

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I think that is it

Oh, tappable overlays

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Oh okay I thought was more heh silly meh :joy: thanks! :heart:

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Helpful threads to check out in detail about how to make your overlays look awesome:



3.HOW TO: Use Easing Functions
4. How to "FADE" Characters (cool fade effect)
5. Looping a 3-zone Background with Speeds (Make a background (overlay) loop smoothly)
6. Drive off in a car with the character at the same time: 🚗 HOW TO: Drive into / Drive Off the scene with Character inside

Another thing!
These are awesome commands to know: Script Symbols/Commands and What They're Used For
And helpful threads that you can browse: "List" of Helpful Threads

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