What Are These Used For?

Stories Card
Details Card


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  • Story cards are used to show a brief introduction of an episode story in one picture
  • I’m still not sure about mood boards but I think they show the personality of the character
  • Logos are like a signature
  • Splashes are a creative background to show what the story contains (Eg-This story contains music and sound)
  • Banners are used in shops to separate different columns in shops by using pictures
  • Detail cards show the character details (Like eye shape, colour etc) of one or two characters. They can also contain outfits

~ Story card is a small card with a little info of your story!
~ Moodboards show the attitude or personality of a character!
~ Logos are often used as PFP’s but if you are an artist you can put that in a corner of your work
~Splashes show warnings and stuff (This story contains mature theme etc)
~ Banners are used in art shops! (It’s used to make the shop more nice and creative etc)
~ Detail cards show the features of your character for example (Eyes, nose etc)

If you want I can share an example of each!

Hope these helped lol!


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Follow up question: Why do people use any of those things? Like the Detail Cards, Mood Boards and Story Cards. Are they for Instagram or something like that?

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We use all of them because:

  • Detail Cards: to show readers and authors their character details. Meaning apperance or what they look like and their outfits, maybe adding also their personality on the card but it’s optional. So others can used them in their stories if they want or need characters to put in their stories.


Mood Board - To show the readers/authors who there characters are inspired by, and show more about there characters. Like example: I have a moodboard here showing a bit about my character, that he’s an elf, a caretaker, he has blue eyes, a dog, has black hair, and he’s also an artist/sketcher. So your moodboards can have pictures about your character, how they look, their profession, pets, where they live, etc.

Story Cards - is used to let the reader/authors know what the story will contain. Example: This story contains music, and sound, male mc, female mc, triggering topics, flashing, LGBTQ Themes, Mature Themes, etc.



Yes, others used more than one social media platform to promote their moodboards, story cards, character cards, etc. so others can see, and be interest in their stories when they want to give it a read. And know more about the author and their stories.

Ohhh okayy thanks! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Some more on logos to further explain them: Logos are the symbol of you and your brand/work essentially, something people see to identify you and your work. They’re a lot like a signature, but more of a symbol to represent you than a mark that it’s yours. Your signature could absolutely be your logo though!
Think Episode’s E, the M of McDonalds, the camera symbol and sunset rainbow of Instagram, etc. My logo for my dice business and probably my Episode work as well for example, is my gecko’s foot.

They can be anything and don’t need to go in the corner of your work or anything specific like that. Generally people have their logos as their profile picture, and it’s used on their branding (update Instagram story cards, packaging, your art, etc.).

If you want to create your own logo, make sure you aren’t unknowingly copying someone else’s, and that it’s not super close to anyone else’s! You want them to be distinct and instantly say you and your work, and if it’s causing confusion it’s not doing it’s job. Get an idea of what you want for it, and then look around to make sure it’s not too similar to another and adjust accordingly if you have to.

For Episode related things your logo could probably be used for your detail and story cards?