What are things that cause you to exit an Episode story?

So, basically what I’m asking here is when you start reading a story or have been reading a story, what are some things that draw you away from the story? Is it no music? Did the story get boring? Things like that basically.

Anyway, I’m going to name some things myself:

  • No CC
  • Limited CC
  • No music
  • No body type selection
  • Toxic LI
  • Episodes are too long.

So, these are some things that cause me to exit an Episode story.

Anyway, I’d love to hear what causes you to exit an Episode story.

  • Bratty MC, I read this one story where the MC started smoking in the airport. Personnel called her out, instead of listening she slapped and pushed the airport person. Homegirl isn’t even rich. She’s travelling to start a job to be a housekeeper in a hotel.

Too many jem choices in a row.

Too much customization too soon. I know the app is about choice but sometimes it’s a bit much and I may change my mind later or find the art scenes don’t match and anyway most of the time I just pick I Look Fabulous or He’s Perfect and move on. I was reading one recently that had you chose your look, your love interest’s look, your clique group, your special social media influence and by the time I got to that I was exhausted.

Too much sound. The few times I have to read the stories are late at night or on public transport and the last thing I need is a music cue or scream or something blasting out of my phone. Or worse if they warn you about sounds but only use it once in an entire episode and I’m thinking what’s the point then?

Too many disclaimers up front. Get to the story. Maybe just list all the things. Viewer Discretion Advised and give people an option to skip but don’t bore me with this stuff considering how much Episode won’t let you do these days.
Trigger warnings maybe but it’s individual and the lists would be long. I’m trypophobic myself but that doesn’t usually make content warnings.

Animal cruelty or death. If the dog dies, I’m out.

ETA this is my opinion only. Neurotypical folks might feel differently. #ADHD #Anxiety #TBI / ABI


-when there’s way too much CC. OK, it’s fine if you wanna include CC for a bunch of characters but you should give like, a menu. So maybe allow them to customize the main, and then give a choice to customize 5-6 others. If the reader doesn’t want to customize, they can click done and move on immediately. But having 6, 7, 8 or 9 characters enter…that would be too much. Also, I find it sort of irritating when after we click to go back to the customization menu, it starts repeating a bunch of other dialogue rather than just saying something like “choose your design”. This is easily fixable, because the label can be moved down and the dialogue won’t be repeated. 'Cause when this happens, I find myself clicking super fast haha.

I agree when the episode is too long. If it feels like it’s taking forever, I feel as if I want to click out. In general, I prefer episodes on the shorter side.

Also, when the directing is super choppy. I’m actually OK with basic directing but glitchy directing is a big NO. Bad grammar is another turn off for me :sweat_smile:

Out of curiosity do you remember what this story is called :eyes: I love reading from the P.O.V of mean girls lol :eyes:

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No lol. It was a new creator.

Bad directing, flat characters, basic story plot/ story.

I hate the long author introductions but I’ll still continue reading anyway just to see if the story is good, but usually I’m already bored (don’t ever continue them in every chapter I hate it)
I hate when the directing is choppy and the characters are flat or if the main character does not fit the personality that I thought they would (but the last one is just a personal preference). If the story is too fast-paced then I feel like it’s also choppy and not worth my passes.

In the story I’m writing, I have an introduction but it’s short and it’s there to provide actual needed information that can’t be shown easily (it probably wouldn’t make sense lol).

Long character introductions are so boring the point is to show not tell. For example starting an introduction with the first interaction your main character has with another character is a great way to start a story without the boring narration.

I also prefer stories with customization but if I don’t know how I want to customize a character just yet, I prefer having a way to customize again if I need to. For example in my story there’s customization at the beginning but it is listed as an option and you can go right to the beginning of the story without customizing first if you would like. There’s also a way to customize at the end of every chapter. (I don’t read stories that don’t have any customization, limited is fine but if it doesn’t have certain things I want to change I’ll also click off.)


The author’s character speaking or narrations that tell the backstory of characters with no finesse. I typically only see an author’s character when they feel the need to explain issues their story might have and then promise to fix them later. Like I’ve written horrific stories that I’ve shared with my friends but I never prefaced it with “I know it’s bad but it gets better.” because it was either A (too bad to publish) or B (I liked it at the time). As for narration, it’s used excessively to replace actual character/relationship development. Even if you still do it, having narration or dialogue that points out that “Anna still has her friendship bracelet from summer camp that you made eight years ago” sends the same message as “This is Anna, we met eight years ago at a summer camp and promised to be best friends forever.” with a lot more tact.

Episodes being way too short — especially if it’s a longer story. It feels like a waste of passes and ads get annoying if there’s one every five minutes.

Constant spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and/or nonsensical sentence structure. Same goes for directing/coding.

If I start questioning why I’m even reading this. It could be because the story itself is forgettable or repetitive or memorable in a distinctly terrible way.

If “diversity” or themes of rebellion/criticism of society are implemented in a “not-like-other-girls” way. For an easy example, a “strong” “independent” woman basing her identity on separating herself from other women, being rewarded for that, and then acting just like the women she desperately doesn’t want to be associated with. Like you don’t have to basically say that a woman is strong by aligning herself with traditionally masculine traits and that strength gets bodied by the love interest faster than you can say “His abs were chiseled as if he were a sculpture crafted by the Gods.” and then she just ??? reverts into being the exact same type of woman that was indirectly portrayed as weak and dependent??? You could literally just have a fleshed out character that maybe has some traditionally masculine traits or hobbies that doesn’t demean women for having traditionally feminine traits or hobbies and let her have those traits/hobbies after getting with the love interest.


Unhonest gem choices/Gem choices that dont matter (episode official stories are the main guilty culprit here.)
Cause tell me why did you trick me into spending 25 gems and I didn’t even get what I thought I was getting

Love interest - I love you MC, will you marry me?

gem choice: YESSS DUH OFC I WILL (SPICY** CHOICE) (25)
regular choice: Throw the ring down a sewerage drain

The gem choice scene:
MC: maybe one day but not right now…
Love Interest: disappointed anyways

Regular choice:
MC: like I would EVER marry you 'throws ring down drain
Love interest: Dissapointed, running off crying AND THEY WILL REMEMBER THIS

like idek if this is a controversial take but why are yall tricking me into funneling my gems into yo chapter if the character isnt ACTUALLY gettin the ring regardless of the choice.

  • Bad directing
  • Grammatical errors
  • Gems choices for unnecessary options
  • No music
  • Romantic involvement fast
  • Episodes long
  • Characters with no personality.

You don’t have to watch adds just click the story exit the app click it again ( the story you were gonna read) and it automatically skips the add.

I’m really, truly not picky whatsoever. I’m neurodivergent as hell but I’m capable of having a lot of patience for these types of things.

-I genuinely don’t care about the lack of or limited CC, it’s their story, they want to tell it in the specific way they envision it, I don’t wanna mess with that. And anyways it’s not like I want to self-insert myself in there or something. And who cares if they’re not the prettiest; Episode customization is limited and everyone kinda looks the same anyways.
-I have this thing where I… Mute everything that isn’t dependent on sound. I have ADHD, I need to be multitasking in the form of watching/listening to a YT video on the side. The simple royalty-free music and occasional wacky sound effect will NOT be enough to stimulate my hell brain and keep me focused. So every episode I read is muted so I can isntead listen to something else while I focus on reading the story… So idc if there’s no sounds or music.
-I LOVE long episodes. If I like the story, that is. But I mean; if I didn’t like the story then I’d have stopped reading already, so that isn’t usually a problem. If your story is interesting enough; I’ll happily read any long episodes. I kinda prefer it honestly, I get to save passes anyways. And if I wanna break then I can always just… close the story and return to it later lol. So either way; long or short I’m fine. Though I lean towards long and tend to find a lotta stories’ episodes being TOO short.

The above three points seem to be the most common irk that I, personally, don’t care about. But the ones I DO care about is:
-Too many gem choices. I can tolerate bonus scenes, extra wardrobe or extra points at the end of the episode gem choices.(Completely fine with donate to author gem choices, too. Make that bread bbg) But when it starts disrupting the story and the experience; I’m out.
-Bad grammar is a big turn off but it isn’t usually enough to make me run away unless there’s consistently a lot of bad grammar.
-Toxic/unhealthy LI/relationship (with the intentions that this is supposed to be hot/a good thing). Genuinely just makes me mad whenever I see it. Trauma stuff.
-…Sometimes… Straight relationships. Only sometimes. I’m gay, I only like men. Straight relationships just kinda… bore me? Don’t interest me? But it’s not often a dealbreaker, but rather it just ends up being the straw that broke the camel’s back. An example being: A mid story that’s not bad, but it isn’t really that good either. It’s juuuust interesting enough for me to want to continue giving it a chance, but if the relationship is straight hetreo, then I’m gonna lose interest more and faster. (Sometimes also feel this way for stories where you CAN customize your/the li’s gender but nothing in the story changes other than the gender, making it feel like it’s an empty and shoe-horned in ‘token pride rep’ choice. I don’t always feel like this though.)

Sorry for the rambling, I’ve got that ADHD hell brain. :pensive: Remember this is just personal opinion and how my weird brain works!

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Also a gay dude. The reality since we’re a smaller part of the population, straight romance gets us more reads if we’re just starting out. Once we’ve been established and have a solid following, we can branch out. My first story (fantasy) has straight romance but the male LI is bi (I won’t narrate it or say it explicitly but if you pay attention to the dialogue it is apparent. In an early chapter a character tells the story how him, a girl and the Male LI had a threeway in the past and he wore both of them out :joy:). This paves the way for a gender choice MC in the future if I revisit.

Definately on the last point. I really dislike it when the story has just been copied and pasted to add LGBTQIA tag on the story. Like its clearly just the male LI copied and pasted into the story with the same spot direction and pronouns havent been changed whatsoever. Its lazy and I exit.

Its one of the reasons why I am trying to do it differently with lots of branching and actually give the LIs character and feel like real people.

Bizarre gem choices, as stated above.

You could pay anywhere from 14-25 gems for choices that are written out cleverly deceiving. An example:

GEMS:25 “Get your happy ending that you have worked throughout the entirety of this story for!” {
So basically, they like, get married and have a kid or two. They move into a nice house. Get a dog. The end.
} “Become homeless and dance on the street for spare change!” {
LOL, should have paid the 25 gems. (But not really as the gem choice was still disappointing).

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bad directing, no cc / limited cc, when there’s too many spelling errors (i understand not everyone speaks english but it bothers me so i don’t read stories like that :sweat_smile:), when the cc isn’t the updated one with like the eyes with lashes and stuff

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I find it so crazy that people find long chapters/epsiodes annoying. I LOVE when a chapter is long. Especially if it’s a good story. I hate having to sit through the Ads again just to read another short episode.

Same, a longer chapter makes you feel like you’re reading an actual book and helps immerse the reader into the story’s plot.

Amazing profile pic btw lmao

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no music,
bad directing,
unupdated cc,
multiple li’s.

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I don’t mind long episodes (as long as they are not dragged out for no reason or have no plot).
I also don’t mind limited CC (especially in vampire stories where only three different mouths have fangs).

However, the following points are absolute dealbreakers for me:

Bratty MC / Weak MC

I prioritize one aspect above all when starting a new story: the main character. If I can’t connect with them, I’m out. It’s not about needing to relate to them, but if their actions consistently grate on me, I’m done. This applies whether they’re arrogant and entitled or too passive to stand up for themselves. Finding that balance between strength and vulnerability is crucial.

One of the worst MCs I’ve encountered was your typical nerdy gamer who faced bullying. One of her love interests suggested she was only bullied because she wasn’t engaged in friendly manner with her tormentors (and naturally, avoiding them, like most people would). To my horror, the MC actually agreed and I had to bail. Having experienced similar bullying during middle school myself, I couldn’t stomach the victim-blaming. It left me infuriated, to say the least.

Toxic Relationships

This is a rampant issue in both Community and Featured Stories. I understand that some people are drawn to Mafia/Gangs, Bad Boys, etc. because they bring drama and entertainment. However, many times when I delve into these stories, it’s evident that the author hasn’t considered the darker side of such relationships. There’s nothing admirable about domestic violence, physical abuse, and humiliation, let alone the objectification of women. These stories present younger readers with a distorted reality, leading them to believe that such behavior is normal, which, unfortunately, has become all too common. Instead of glorifying these themes, I believe these stories should serve as cautionary tales.

Pointless Gem Choices

As someone has stated above, if I have to pay 25 gems for a special scene with the LI and the said scene happens later on in the story anyway, I feel like robbed. Same goes for those typical “pay for a happy ending or see your MC suffer” choices! It always leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and a feeling of resentment, not just towards the story but also the author.

I understand that not everyone shares my perspective on these points, and that’s completely valid. I’m simply expressing my own opinion on the matter!

I have a few:

-too many grammatical errors. Every once in a while is understandable, but I don’t want to have to figure out what the character is trying to say every other speech bubble.

-the first episode only being character customization and boring introductions. I need a hook, otherwise I’m not risking wasting a pass to read the next episode.

-the author popping up in the story too many times. I get it, you like being a part of the story, but most people only care about the actual characters in the story.

-boring LIs, I need some depth to the characters. A bad boy can’t just be bad because he has dark hair and tattoos, shy girl being shy because she wears glasses, funny character being funny just as a filler, etc. I need backgrounds to these characters.

-too many gem choices/unnecessary gem choices. I don’t want to pay 8 gems so my character doesn’t have to wear a garbage bag to the prom, I would much rather spend gems on extra things like art scenes, flashbacks, stuff like that.

-unlikeable MC. I don’t want to play as somebody I would hate in real life. This one is more personal preference than a complaint, but I will be leaving the story immediately if the character I’m supposed to play is annoying.

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