What are things you guys like and dislike to see in an episode story?

Hi Everyone!

So in my opinion, I think that not everyone gets asked this question. But I want to know from you guys “What are things you guys like and dislike to see in an episode story?” Because, well for 1 I’d like to hear from your guys experiences and your opinions on Episode stories. Also I would please definitely like to learn from you guys too. Spill out anything you guys! All Honesty even! LOL. :joy: :joy: :crazy_face:


There’s just a specific brand of humor on Episode that is spectacular. It’s a mixture of parody, fourth wall-breaking, and complete randomness that resonates with my sense of humor (so, yes, I have waaaay too many Episode screenshots).


I know, same here. Too many episode screenshots on my phone. :woman_facepalming:

But @storiezbychrissie, to answer your question:


  • Surprising storyline (something you don’t expect);
  • Advanced coding (so, you see the writer takes the time for his/her story);
  • Slow burning relationships;
  • Interactivity with the reader → get the reader ‘s*cked’ weird sentence but you get my point, in the story;
  • LGBTQ+, No wait and No gem choices;


  • Too many black screens (get me on my nerves…);
  • Authors character takes half of the time of the storyline (I get it… You may have your own character → I have that too…) But not in every episode half of the story time.;
  • Too many LI’s → I prefer 1;
  • One whole episode for only CC, the MC, LI and/or their whole families;
  • Mean girls and creepy alley guys popping out of nowhere → little too cliche;
  • Bad grammar and spelling → I am not a native English speaker, but I check my spelling during coding;
  • Wrong layering → like people walking through each other or kissing the wrong way;
  • Toxic relationships, violence against the LGBTQ+ community and/or racism;
  • Entering and exiting from left or right → go from spot to spot… It’s irritating and weird if you see in a story a kid changes size while entering and exiting.

Love A-W


I have a loooooooong list, bear with me everyone!! :eyes::bear:

:purple_heart: Likes:

  • Unique plot that makes the story stand out from the rest and makes me hooked to wanna keep continuing reading the next episodes.
  • Mind-blowing directing of characters and overlays, transitions using the animations of overlays :eyes:
  • Slow-burns
  • Comic reliefs and some humor to lighten up a story, not allowing it to become too boring to readers
  • Points system and choices that affect the storyline
  • Option to choose the gender of the MC and LI, and with good branching

:broken_heart: Dislikes:

  • When romance is the main plot and the main focus in the story. (Yes, romance can be a sub-plot, but I personally prefer stories such as superhero, or stories involving some action where the MC has to find a purpose and makes his/her own story, besides finding love)

  • Bad grammar, typos and characters scaling up and down when walking on screen as if they are some sort of people that can change their heights :skull:

  • Mean girls. HELL NO. If you want to include a mean girl, tell us WHY the mean girl despises the MC so much. Just because the mean girl only cares about her looks and she’s jealous because the MC is prettier than her? Hell nah…
    Give me a goddamn strong reason why the girl is being mean to me in the first place…

  • When the LI is too cheesy and using cliche pick-up lines “I cant live without you”, I cant breathe without you"
    …~Meanwhile Oxygen, food and water be like:~ :expressionless:
    Seriously bruh, you need to show me why I should choose you to be with. “Show me”, not “tell me”. What if I suddenly become bald and now you dont “love” me anymore? Is that love, dude?

  • Authors entering the screen at the start of the story, telling “Hey guys this is my first story”…dont wanna be rude, but…this can make some readers exit your story right away, especially those readers who are really picky :grimacing:

  • Stereotypical badboys and toxic relationships, possessive LIs



  • Advanced directing! It’s hard and you don’t have to do it for your first story, but it does go a long way!
  • Humor.
  • Episode parodies. Perhaps I shall write one one of these days.
  • Multifaceted characters.
  • A unique, well-developed plot.
  • I love a story with points and multiple endings, but I’ll read a story with no choices if it’s really, really good.


  • Mafia stories. Reading one right now for the meemz and to bolster my contributions to the mafia threads.
  • Archetypal and stereotypical characters. They’re boring. I want characters with death, especially for the protagonist, deuteragonists, and the villains. You need your villain to have motives to make them interesting. Also, mean girls are AAAAAAAAAAAHGHAHGUHGIUEWRHGIUEHGIUH. I need a flamethrower.
  • Bad directing. Readers who also code will notice if you use exit right/left and only spot direct the default positions for the whole story.
  • Toxic relationships. See the bullet about mafia stories.
  • Relationships where the characters are like yOu’Re mInE are so cringeeeeeeee.
  • Jokes about things that should never be joked about.
  • Cliches fueling the plot. Cliches are unavoidable in a story, but filling the plot with them until the cliches are the plot is baaaaaaaaad. (Looking at you, high school stories and Epis*de Originals.) Parodies are the exception.
  • Slow pans of characters. No. Just no.
  • Having characters talk offscreen and then showing them enter, providing an excuse for the offer to use the pan.
  • The leanon animations. AAAAAAAGH. And when the LI touches the MC without the MC’s permission…I would not like that IRL, so for me it’s a red flag.


  • 0 to minimal grammar errors

  • well rounded characters who don’t change their personality every chapter (unless of course, they’re depicted to have DID or any other personality disorder)


  • situations affect the MC realistically. for example, if the MC (who has only ever lived in safe suburbs) was attacked by someone in a dark alley, and someone came to save them, they won’t automatically forget about that unsettling experience and start snogging their hero.

  • advanced directing

  • natural and distinctive dialogues— like you can pretty much tell who’s saying the dialogue without seeing the face or the name tag because of how well the author showed the character’s dialect.

  • FULL CC!! I LOVE CC <3

  • when all the characters have their own lives to live— their life purpose isn’t to support the MC

  • unique character designs

  • POSSESSIVENESS?? like not borderline toxic, but just— yeah. just a tiny bit won’t hurt haha :italian_hand: just a pinch of possessiveness :heart_hands:
    i may be lying.

Dislikes :

  • SLOOOOOOOW fade ins/fade outs

  • lengthyyyyy close-ups of the character when choosing outfits.

  • giving the MC anxiety to make them seem like a ‘shy little uwu baby who needs to be protected at all costs and aww they’re so cute and docile, like a little lamb’.
    my brother in christ. :android: :no_entry_sign:

  • when the MC is supposed to be ‘strong and badass’, but they’re just unnecessarily rude to everyone they meet

  • really long intros

  • forced humor

  • ‘love at first sight’

  • when the story starts with an information dump about the MC, their dying mother, their abusive father, their jailed brother, their friend, their dog, their dog’s friend, their cousin, their neighbor, their middle school crush, you get the point.

  • when they narrate majority of the story instead of showing it through actions. For example, writing “we sat in the car and drove to her house” instead of animating it.

  • FILLER CONVERSATIONS. if the dialogue adds nothing to the story, doesn’t help in driving the plot forward or doesn’t help the reader in identifying a character’s persona, it’s useless.

  • MC who’s miraculously good in everything they do. so you mean to tell me, this highschool student is 17, and is already proficient in arabic, french, german, italian, spanish, can act very well, is a professional ballet + hiphop dancer, has a siren-like singing voice that can make everyone swoon over them, can paint better than van gogh, has better aim than 90% of the country’s soldiers, can swim very fast, is extremely good in volleyball and football and basketball and lawn tennis and basically any sport they touch.

  • MCs whose decisions have no consequences or whatsoever. this MC will cry and scream and throw up and consider a divorce if they see their LI in the presence of another person, but if the MC makes out with another person, their LI will get jealous and have angry seggs with them. sweet :melting_face:

  • when the MC says they’re so in love with the LI, but never seem to trust them??

  • highschool story cliche— the party and the nightstand oh god

  • in stories with two LIs, the LIs almost NEVER mind when the MC is flirting with either of them :sob: like they only get mad if the MC flirts with a ‘background’ character ifykwim like dam shawty if u want poly, just say so :flushed: :face_with_peeking_eye:

  • choices not having any impact on the storyline.


Top things:

  • When the LI has a sense of humour
  • The story plot has some plot twists (especially unpredictable ones)
  • When a story can actually make me feel something- like when a key character dies (which is rlly rare) But not everyone has to die :sweat_smile:
  • When the MC and LI are both SUPER confident
  • (unpopular opinion) When there is only one LI- I feel like I can never choose when its 2 nice LI’s :sweat_smile:
  • I love it when the LI makes a connection with the younger sibling of MC its so cute :pleading_face:
  • I actually like clichés :sweat_smile: sometimes a classic love story of enemies to lovers is just :chef: But I also love when it’s like more of a twist e.g. friends to enemies to lovers and unique story ideas are AMAZING
  • THE BACKSTORY IS EVERYTHING- if the MC has trust issues they need a reason! It can’t be because she just feels like it :skull:


  • When the stories too slow and takes like 10 chapters for anything to happen-
  • When the chapters are too long/short
  • When their is no story plot and nothing is happening
  • when the MC isn’t in the range of 13-30
  • grammar! If I can’t understand it… I won’t read it ahaha
  • (this is another unpopular opinion) I don’t like TOO much description. Like I end up skipping it when its like 4 solid minutes of describing their features :disguised_face: But with that said I think that description is a must have in all stories!

Can’t stand:

  • When the LI has no sense of humour or is overly sensitive
  • (unpopular opinion) I hate being given chance to name MC, cause like when given the choice I want to name it myself… But I spend forever choosing ahaha I rather just not get the choise :see_no_evil:
  • WHEN EVERY GOOD CHOICE IS GEMS OML - like it gets to the point where you have to pay to where something fancy to a ball :skull: otherwise they go in like a top and tracksuit bottoms…

A lil fussy ig ahaha


good outfit choices :sob: I know, it’s such a stupid thing to complain about. it wont make me DNF a story, but i hate when the MC has zero fashion sense. However, if the character is supposed to be portrayed as dirt poor, i have the opposite reaction where i hate if their outfits look “too” nice.



  1. Easy to understand exposition. I prefer having the story getting more complicated going down the story line, just don’t yeet everything at my face right off the bat.
  2. Clean directing. I would even prefer a well done spotlight story rather than a messy cinematic story.
  3. Interesting diverse characters. If you have a black character as a side character, do make sure he/she has his/her own thing to do, or business to mind. Might end up with an interesting side character arc :eyes:
  4. Stories with weight. I’m speaking about the actions of the characters and the consequences of those. If the MC says “I don’t love you” to a certain someone, please don’t make a U-turn on that. I’d like the story to progress from that point.


  1. (a personal pet peeve of mine) Variety of animations used. I don’t really like characters that uses the same non-looping animations between dialogues (repeating talk_explain_neutral three times in a row :skull:). Feels robotic.
  2. Long intro, cutscenes, scenes where there is absolutely nothing going on. And no, I don’t need half a minute to admire the LI when I’m about to shag him in just two seconds later :joy:.
  3. Unsatisfying pay-offs. Have a love triangle where the LI’s hate each other like they’re about to kill each other, only for the MC to yell at them and suddenly they’re both “tamed dogs”… If the LI’s really hate each other to that extent, honestly just make them fight like airheads :joy:
  4. Writing real life expertise without doing research. Please don’t provide misinformation…


  • Romance! But have other things going on as well. I don’t really like just 100% romance stories, I like other drama or storylines going on around it. Like two unlikely characters falling in love or exploring characters/situations that aren’t always seen in romances.
  • Romances that are slow burn where the characters really get to know each other emotionally and you see that relationship building. It’s a partnership as well.
  • Stories that don’t have choices. Idk I kinda just prefer these stories (if they’re well written). Because I don’t like when choices have no weight, but I also don’t like when choices have too much weight in the events of the plot. Like if you don’t win a mini game you’ll lose a lot of points or something.
  • if there are choices… I like being able to choose the LI. And in a story where it’s not like they’re in a weird competition with each other or hate each other. In those types of stories I try to stick to one LI. I don’t like stories that force you to be seen as cheating on one LI because your character flirted with them when you chose them not to do that. Yk?
  • I also like choices where I can ultimately decide if I even want an LI.
  • I like choices where there’s clearly an MC that isn’t me that has their own personality and stuff, but that I’m occasionally choosing for. (Aka I don’t like “you” stories)
  • I like low stakes choices or dialogue choices
  • Stories where it’s only in the MC’s perspective and there aren’t multiple main characters
  • I like when stories take classical tales and put twists on them, like fairytale stories.
  • And finally, stories with plenty of suspense that keep me on my toes.

This list could go on and on and on but I’m just gonna condense it.

  • Cliches and toxic tropes (examples, look at what everyone has mentioned above)
  • When the LI is too nice, it’s just boring. Or perfect, like they’re really nice and have this great job! They’re the perfect person for the MC! No!
  • MC who’s too nice! I’d also like to see more MC’s who are career driven or passionate and are also powerful women, but they’re not taking jobs in careers that have a lot of money. Like, they’re passionate about what they do but it doesn’t bring too much money to the table and they struggle with that. Ex: A teacher, maybe even Professor, a manager at a restaurant… etc
  • when the male LI constantly treats the MC differently from everyone else because she’s the MC, she’s pretty, and she’s a woman. It’s usually in this condescending, overly sweet/protective manner that gets under my skin. If the MC is actually powerful/capable she has to prove that to the LI and even still she becomes “weak” with him or (in action stories) has to be saved.
  • The male LI who only has guy friends (similarly, female MC who only has female friends).
  • When the MC has a best friend. It’s just so overdone and I hate it.

A couple more dislikes:

  • When the display name is “You.” Like, I named the character Ebony Dark’Ness Dementia Raven Way, so that’s what her display name should be! And those characters are not “me” and never will be. Furthermore, it’s lowkey lazy when changing the display name is a simple command.
  • When there are pauses in a dressing game or extra dialogue boxes you end up reading because of where the label is. Both of these take up extra time and are annoying.
  • Pauses for no reason.
  • When the dialogue feels unnatural/expositional.
  • A rude LI.
  • Love triangles where the LIs hate each other for no reason other than they both like the MC. AAAAAAGH! Where are my nunchucks?

I did one of those. And yes, it’s called Episode parody

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Seems like you might like my parody story :eyes:


  • No romance option
  • Zombie/apocalypse stories
  • Stories that give TV show or movie or shonen anime or rpg game vibe
  • Plot driven stories
  • Relatable characters
  • Characters with depth no matters they are main character or not
  • Symbolic presentation
  • Culture/traditional representation


  • When authors punish or treat like ‘it’s your loss’ for not choosing certain choices. Just don’t make it a choice :man_shrugging:
  • Plain rude MC (unless they’re supposed to be unlikable)
  • When everything revolves around MC
  • Romance stories disguised as other genres you want to trend down bad
  • Adult disguised as high schoolers. Like own the business because they are mafia’s kids, party and hook up every week, everything is segg (Not every teen is h0rny, just stop it)

Likes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • When a story includes bonus scenes for gems. That’s a fair way of using them.

  • An MC having an actually interesting background. Not mY mOtHeR DiEd, mY fAtHeR rEmArRiEd, aNd mY sTePmOm HaTeS mE, sO i WaS KiCkEd OuT tHe HoUsE aNd HaD tO LiVe oN mY oWn.

  • A story that is long enough for me to be satisfied and hooked, but also short enough for me to not get bored.

Dislikes :face_vomiting:

  • Stories with a 5-day gem wait just for it to be only 5 minutes of reading. (Yes, I’m talking about a specific story).

  • Buying outfits that are 100X more pretty looking, because the MC enjoys wearing rags.

  • Going to the “horror” category and only seeing romance.


I like:

  • A good cliché with some twists
  • A mean girl who tries to redeem herself or one that gets what she deserves
  • Good plot twists that aren’t just to make the story more dramatic
  • Love interest with a personality
  • LGBT+ representation

I dislike:

All this and likely more


Characters with common names :woozy_face:

What do you mean Liam isn’t a unique character? He’s broody and disinterested because his mother died and his father hates him. That’s why he does all the bad boy stuff he does :blob_sun:

And Emily, Ryan, Jessica, Riley, Emma, and Olivia are all unique names! I spent a whole 30 seconds procuring names for the female mains!




I guess I can make an exception if those characters are unique. Every time I’ve ran into a character with those names, they were Mary Sues.

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Emily: The MC
Ryan: Her whole personality is being a girl named Ryan
Jessica: She talks like a valley girl and loves EpiGram (she has 1k followers)
Riley: Soft-spoken shy girl who is somehow in a big friend group
Emma: She’s boy crazy
Olivia: The token left-handed person



Personality in MC
Personality in LI
Personality in side characters
Intentional pauses in emotional scenes (make me cry)
Advanced directing
Slooooow burns

Dust off in dressing games (2 seconds of my time wasted)
Full body pans (another 2 seconds wasted)
Multiple LIs
Bad boys
Tons of fancy art from backgrounds to overlays to make up for bad writing


Two things I forgot to mention.
I really dislike it when authors don’t update in a really long time. Or when they sell their story to episode and I started reading the original just to discover 35 episodes later that it will never be finished.