What are things you want to see in a fantasy/ romance story?

What things would you be interested in seeing in a fantasy/ romance story? Anything you can think of will be a huge help. thanks!


I would like a fantasy that makes sense. That includes the fantasy world, mythical creatures, fantastical elements, paranormal stuff, etc. By that, I mean that’s it’s well developed, and it feels like it COULD be real.

For the romance, I enjoy a slow burn and choices concerning the LI and my interactions with the LI, even if it isn’t major and if there’s no point system.

Obviously, try to avoid cliches like love at first sight, a bad boy who goes miraculously soft over ONE person, a fantasy world that makes absolutely no sense and has many random characters (like all of a sudden a fairy shows up and then a giant introduces himself to be the King of the Water Realm or something :joy:), etc.

I hope that helps. PM me if you need more. I’d be glad to help.

Have a good day/night!


less romance more fantasy, I dont mind romance, but I dont wanna read a 70% romance story when its suppouse to be fantasy,


I enjoy fantasies story that takes time for the world and characters building. Some stories rushed too much with narrating and not showing that I don’t believe the world truly exist.

For romance, I’m a sucker for slow burn romance. That’s why I really “hate” anything with everyone suddenly fall in love with the new girl ahahah


I think you should write the story you would be excited to read. As readers we have many different opinions about what we like, but if you focus more on curating your story towards what specific readers like than on writing what you’re excited about, that comes through in the story. And the results are often not great for the reader or the author. So if there are concepts or themes you want to explore, build your characters around them and let their development push the plot forward.


Honestly, plots that aren’t hyper-sexual or revolving around the LI.

I love romance, I do, but there are so many plots you can do that have strong romance elements and maintain a really interesting premise. Like… I’m sick of authors who just want to write sex scenes or clearly don’t really care about the genre and write some half-assed story that doesn’t make sense just so they can trend and get :moneybag:.

I do like seeing stories that have strong worldbuilding. It doesn’t mean you need to have everything figured out or even necessarily most things, but the story world should make sense within its own rules.


my opinions:

romance: (don’ts)

  • love at first sight is a no for me.
  • no love triangles.
  • no party/club scenes in the first episode…i’ve seen way too many of those. :sweat_smile:

romance: (do’s)

  • be creative with the characters and plot/scenes.
    • again always think outside the box & be creative!

I remembered I used to read a really popular story back then (about a girl who faked her death) and almost on EVERY episode it has sexual choices.

I don’t understand why, it was one of the good cliche story as it also brings the message that killing yourself will hurt not only you but the ones around you… But seriously the amount of sex scenes on that story were really unecessary

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Sex really kind of loses its story impact when you’re seeing it that often. :confused: Only so many ways you can mix up the fade to black “steamy” kissing before it gets stale anyway.

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I really don’t mind sex on a story (but not on every ducking chapters lol) but it irks me that the girl on the story can “choose” to sleep with every LI without any consequences to the story but then get mad when the LI kiss another girl lol the sexes had no impacts to the story at all :sob:

But then yeah, sex sells so I kinda get why there were so many of those scenes on that story 💁

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My struggle is wanting to make a slow burn romance that has depth but not losing the reader because of it. I want it to be interesting and i want romance to be a part of the story but not the whole story and not have it get hot and heavy so fast lol.


I love evil plots in Fantasy stories. Just give me something dark and twisted. The mc doesn’t always have to be the ”hero” or ”savior.” Why can’t she be a badass villain👀?

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You can try reading Legally Clueless by Charlie Cee. It’s a really slow burn (like really slow the MC doesn’t even know that the LI likes her) but she somehow made it interesting and all the readers rooting for the LI :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think there’s a market for everything! If you plan it out and just write the story you want to read, people will come.

Sexy, bite-sized chapter stories might get picked up by readers more, but it’s not worth adjusting your ideal fantasy romance to their tastes. Readers of those kinds of stories can be very demanding anyway.


An ending :no_mouth: One that makes sense is preferred but since a lot of the fantasy stories I’ve read on the app have been discontinued, I’ll take anything I can get.


I love slow burn romance in fantasy! Especially if the two persons are from different ways of life (different pasts, royal and commoner, hero and criminal, etc). If written well, they always warm my heart.


Why is this so true… :skull: What is it about fantasy that keeps more people from finishing their stories? Poor initial planning?


Fantasy stories just take a lot of work, I guess. More than the other genres. For example directing takes more time, they often use a lot of overlays, and they really need to search for fantasy overlays/backgrounds, since there aren’t many of them in the portal.


I think they think so much about specific aspects of the world that enhance the romantic / sexual aspect of the story that they just get bored of stories that don’t really go anywhere. It’s why so many of the fantasy stories that do end are so anticlimactic. Oh it’s the final boss fight, the big bad! So difficult and tense! Then the MC randomly remembers something and outsmarts the Big Bad within 30 seconds and everything ends. Then they get married and have babies. And you never get many answers around what was happening in the first place and what the antagonist’s motivations we’re or why things came to be the way they are.

This is truly one of the ultimate curses of the fantasy genre.



No but for real, like what @writtenbyro said there tends to be a lot of directing. I assume it’s due to the author probably having such a specific vision for things that it takes longer to acheive considering overlay work and how to get it to do just what is imagined.

The background search alone just, whew! It just tanks any motivation especially if it’s in a type of setting that modern BGs can’t be used in.

Also, I know this doesn’t count for all fantasy authors but the work to try an make it original. They have an entire world in their hands they can do anything with but also want to do something different. The planning and execution, trying not to rely on so many cliches and/or tropes, it takes a toll. As much as cliches are often looked down on there’s no doubt they make things easier.