What are ya'lls favorite game series?

Mine are:

The Walking Dead Game Season 1


The Walking Dead game Season 2


The Walking Dead game Season 3



The Walking Dead game The Final season



These games are like the best game series I have ever watched! years back me and my brother played season 1 but because you had to buy the rest of the episodes we didn’t finish the game.

Until one day a couple years ago I had seen the game on youtube being played by someone so I decided to watch it got really into it and loved it!

Then watched them play season 2 and with season 3 it was just coming out at the time so I waited and waited until the youtuber I was watching could get the episodes so I watched them play, same with the final season! And no matter what I enjoyed the ending, at first the final season was being cancelled by telltale and I was sad till skybound took it and finished it!


Oh and I also like the gta series starting from GTA san andreas to gta 5,

How bout you guys? What game series do you enjoy? Do you also enjoy the walking dead series? Or do you love the GTA series? :blush::innocent::hugs:




I love GTA, there’s always a character that humors me, I also love all the others like Halo (even though it was better in my childhood), Hitman is alright, Forza has always been a classic to me, but one of my favorites would probably be Life is Strange. They always get me emotional and I love investing myself into their stories.

I’ve watched walkthroughs of horror games like the Silent Hill games, Outlast, Resident Evil etc but I would never buy and play them myself. Horror scares the shit out of me. :joy:


mine is “Life is strange” mainly Life Is Strange 2 i love the story line (that game brings out all my emotions), Resident Evil, Any telltale game, ANY game that “The Dark Pictures” create like Man of Medan and Little Hope


I know I always laugh when playing gta sa this one person on a bike always says “you are such a d*ck” :joy:

I have played halo with my brother long time ago, along with borderlands, me and my brother use to play the crap out of borderlands!

Heard of it but never played it

Never played forza so :man_shrugging:

See and life is strange was becoming popular after the walking dead game along with detroit become human so even though people said that life is strange is good I never actually got into it I dunno why :man_shrugging:

Same I have watched tons of horror games but if I were to play them I don’t think I could so yeah, especially a game like five nights at freddy’s like uh hell no pass :joy: so don’t feel bad

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like I stated above never got into life is strange, it came out after the walking dead series was coming closer and closer to a close so I didn’t bother to really wanna watch it, I have only watched The Walking Dead from telltale not anything else, never really got into resident evil, I heard of man of medan but never bothered with it and little hope I have never heard of


I only started playing the Hitman games after a review that said “The only game where you can kill someone with a banana whilst dressed as a clown.”

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Oh my lord! That’s funny :rofl::joy:


Right? :joy: I was sold immediately.

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The sims 2, 3 and 4 (never played 2)

The last of us 1 and 2 (only watched playthroughs)

Life is strange 1 and 2 (only watched playthroughs)

Gta 5 (only watched a playthrough)

I like resident evil village

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Omgggg yessss the sims series!!! I love the sims series!!

Never played or never watched playthroughs

I have played gta 5 and watched gta 5 vids so yeah

Never played it or watched a playthrough of it


The driving mechanics in GTA 5 tho omg chefs kiss :kiss:

I like watching FailRace’s Survive the Hunt on YouTube.

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wow you fancy good games


Oh honey I do :sunglasses::nail_care:t2:

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