What are you doing on Halloween?

Any Halloween plans you’re going to do (or did)??? :ghost::jack_o_lantern:

I’ll most likely just be eating candy and watch a movie :smiley:


Well its my birthday, are haveing guest, getting gifts


Happy Bday! :partying_face:

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:blush: thanks

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i don’t even know really, it’s just an average day for me. i’ll probs just watch a film tbf

happy birthday :brown_heart:!!


going out with friends :))

and happy birthday @line123462 <3

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Happy Birthday!! hope you have a great day :heartpulse: :heartpulse: i’ll be eating chocolate while watching scary movies :sob: :joy:

fuuun! stay SAFE!

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love thaaat lol

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same, just another saturday to me too :grinning:

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Fuuuun, happy bday!

Nothing,lol. It’s not celebrated here but it looks nice

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I did nothing.

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That hot squid game guard…:hot_face: oh mon dieu~

Lmao, good for youuu👀

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