What are you doing

What are you doing this summer?

I plan on starting my next manuscript and sharing my first short story on episode hoping for feedback

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I’m hoping to have some other different stories on episode too, just not all of them will be manuscripted later on

It is fall in straya…suu probably eating

Staying home in my bed with my pets. :blush:


dude I have so much! I’m going to camp, I’m working camp so I can go to camp for free, going to a conference in TN, working football, writing my story, and sleeping

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I have holidays after exams, so stay home. Go onto the forums. Read on Episode. Yeah that’s pretty much it.

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Stay home, read Episode stories, be active here, watch YouTube, watch movies, listen to music… blah blah blah…

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finishing my exams and probably going to Greece :))

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I love Greece, good luck with the exams

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Thank u

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If I told you, I’d scar you for life.

I have summer school at the first month of summer vacation… kill me now please.

AND I’M MOVING YYAAAYYYY (also school will be funner because my new apartment will be like 5 minutes walk from school and now it’s a half an hour ride in a bus-- the buulding is still being build, I go there on long breaks to see how it looks lol)

Yeah, my entire plans for the summer is school and moving into a new house. AND SLEEP A LOT.

Summer school is what you get when your grades suck and you desperately need to pass all of your dreadful bloody final exams.

I am hoping to get some responses to my post! If you could help me that would be great! I have attached the link! :slight_smile:

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