What Are You Guys Doing While Waiting?

What are you guys doing while waiting for backgrounds/overlays to be approved?

For me, I am just trying to finish these Halloween Background requests. Soon will start making Christmas Backgrounds, maybe.

What about you?

i’m going to continue writing i think :thinking:

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previous story or new one?

previous story :slight_smile: i need to catch up on my writing cos i’ve been watching too much netflix :sweat_smile:

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lol, nice. Ive been watching to many anime.

fun, to be honest i haven’t really tired alot of anime shows before… do you suggest anything?

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what all anime have you watched?

im not sure what they are called let me google :slight_smile:

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You can watch:

Snow White With Red Hair
Castlevania (which is on Netflix)
Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust
Howls Moving Castle (this should be on netflix)
The Secret World of Arriety
Wolf Children
Rosario + Vampire
Seven Deadly Sins
Fairy Tail

Black Butler
Hellsing Ultimate
Dance with the Devils
Diabolik Lovers

Hotaru no Haka (Grave of the Fireflies)
My Neighbor Totoro
litreally it and also i cant find it but another one about a little girl and the sea… lol i cant rememeber

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a little girl and the sea…hm…i think that is Ponyo.

OMG YEAH!! i have always been wondering what it was called…
thank you for the list i’m gonna check some of them out :slight_smile:

np. trust me ive got a alot. you can also check out this thread. some people have commented other animes.

ok thank youu :slight_smile:

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