What are you interested in that a lot of people aren't?



I’m interested in documentaries, conspiracy theories, I LOVE MATH SM (idk why a lot of people hate math), Psychology, gnarly looking swords/knives, tattoos, vampires, instruments, movie soundtracks and horror movies.

I feel like it isn’t easy to find people who are interested in these things INRL, but what about you?


Business :joy:


durian? image
it’s so delicious, but most people don’t like it cause of the smell. but it smells pretty good to me


I’ve never had a durian before

is that bad


it’s not bad, mostly asians like it though NO OFFENSE lol


what does it taste like


it’s super sweet. it tastes like icecream but in fruit form! and you can enjoy it on a hot summer day most of the time :slight_smile:


That sounds nice. Well I’ll try to find one here lmao, ty


try your local asian super market, there might be some there :relaxed:
And you’re welcome




I love Maths so so so much actually all my family does. I love physics, sports and I like the smell of gasoline


I LOVE THE SMELL OF GASOLINE. I also am like reallllly addicted to Legos. They are my life. OOOH, and Trey Bailey. :smirk:


Legos! :joy: I’m so weird


I DO TOO! nail polish and sharpie markers smell so good too


Same, but I think we’re smelling alcohol :joy:


whatever’s in it I’m lovin it


I have fun doing Punnett squares-it’s really interesting to work on and is very fun for me :smile:


Finally someone who understands me
I fucking love maths it’s my life , I love vampires and horror film , the smell of gasoline and the nail polish :joy::joy::joy:
So weird :joy::joy::joy:


Haha sometimes I mentally do a punnett square when I see a cute guy :sweat_smile:


Hmm, well only a few people I know actually enjoy going to art galleries, museums and second hand bookstores as well as vintage markets. I just love the vibes I get from these places but I know only a handful of people who enjoys these things too haha