What are you suggestions about using the music?

So that’s the question. For example, if a scene is quite long would it be better to change music or not, and just what you like and dislike in situations when authors use music and sound effects?:slight_smile:

Personally, I like hearing music in episodes because I think it adds to the mood of that particular scene. But you are the author so what you say goes! This is your creative piece and you can’t really go wrong with that. As for the duration of the music in a particular scene, I think it just depends. Like you probably don’t want one music playing for an entire episode but I think it would be ok to keep playing the same song for one lengthy scene. But as I’ve said it’s your call, just do what you think is best :wink: or you can have someone review your story once it’s published and ask for a more specific opinion.

Music and sounds set some good tones for an Episode story. I personally like when sound and music is implemented. One thing I’d suggest, though, is not to use a song that is about a five second loop. It tends to get annoying if the scene is longer than 15 seconds, because it’s the same thing repeated over and over again.

I think sounds and music may really change a story since it gives more emotion to the story you know? For example if the characters are in a date and it starts a romantic music then it will feel even more romantic and beautiful, or if there is a thriller part a music showing that will surely make our hearts beat faster !

Although there may be some parts where you feel like there is no reason to add music, however you can always add low music.

:slight_smile: This is just my opinion :blush: But I hope it helps!