What are your (Episode) pet peeves?

hi everyone,

I wanted to make this thread so that authors or just anyone could avoid doing these things (if the pet peeve is actually a bad thing) so that readers can enjoy stories and more! just list some or all of your pet peeves here so that authors can improve their writing- it doesn’t have to be episode related, it can be grammar/spelling related, or just anything irl!

here are mine:

  • uncapitalised I’s
  • using your instead of you’re and vice versa
  • cliché stories (mafia, bad boys etc)
  • just any grammar mistakes in general lol
  • bad spot directing or no spot directing at all
  • liars
  • racists, homophobia islamophobia, antisemitism, transphobia and asian phobia (xenophobia/discrimination in general)

your turn! what are your pet peeves?


For me?

I cannot stand bad grammar or little to no punctuation. I don’t like when people write those glow up stories(unless it’s for a contest), because if the MC or LI liked their style, then why did they change?

  • Spelling/grammar errors in every other sentence
  • Any stories related to the mafia
  • “Bad boy” love interests that are actually just toxic
  • The POC best friend that authors add just so they can claim they have diversity in their stories
  • Every Episode original story

My pet peeves when reading Episode stories:

When the guy is spot directed to where he looks like he’s a foot taller than the girl.

When a Limelight character has the Silhouette Black hair color when they aren’t a silhouette. Jet Black exists in the portal.

When characters have dialogue with kissing animations. This seems petty, but realistically, I don’t think you can talk and kiss at the same time.

When seemingly every character in a Limelight story has the same body type (normally either generic or athletic). Try to have variations between your characters (including your background characters). Don’t just give them all the same body type.


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Sl*t shaming and shaming hyperfeminine women in stories are my biggest pet peeves. Or the bimbo (the annoying dumb blonde that wears pink) that’s always portrayed negatively in stories. Like, I love me some bimbos, so it rubs me off the wrong way :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::roll_eyes:


Yes!! I understand that short girls exist, but it’s exaggerated. I don’t like that either.

Ugh, I hate stories with the “not like others girls” type of MC, they usually shame the cute and feminine character.

My pet peeves are:

-Not having subplots for the secondary characters. Like really, what it’s the point of having them if they are not going to do anything besides being family members or friends of the MC/LI.
-Meaningless scenes.
-Secondary character looking weird. Ok, I don’t know how to properly say this, but sometimes authors don’t put any effort in them, I get that the main character should have the best looks, but idk.


yes! that really bothers me, and it’s very sad that a lot of people do that ://


I honestly can’t stand the cliche when the “ugly girl” gets a makeover and suddenly gets noticed by her longtime crush then they end up going out because he likes her new look ://


-I don’t mean this in a mean way, but stories with grammar and spelling mistakes, ESPECIALLY when authors don’t put periods at the end of their sentences. Is it that hard to a period at the very end…??? I do, however, understand if the author’s native language isn’t English. As for other authors who do this though- My eyes :persevere:

-LIs who k*ll people (mafia bosses, this means you!)

Please note that my post is just my opinion and I have no intention of calling anyone out.

There are probably a thousand other things that bother me, but I think I’ll just stick to this :slight_smile:


I hate this one too! It’s basically teaching people that you have to be a whole new person to be liked, and that’s not true. Some people might find this next line cringe, but: When someone loves somebody else, they should love them for who they really are, not because they are suddenly pretty or whatever.

Oh, and again;


My thoughts exactly! A person shouldn’t have to change themselves to get somebody else to like them. If that person can’t like them for who they are then they need to kick rocks!


THIS! Omg I’m glad someone said it. Reading stories are so boring if the only person that has something going on is the MC and LI


All romantic stories having the same idea like he’s cocky she’s annoyed then some how they started to fall in love


People personally attacking authors
For something they did ‘wrong’ but actually the attacker was wrong but then the attacker to resulted to insults


The title says it all!! What are things you hate and things you love to see when reading episode stories?? Let’s chatt <3


The things I hate is when they change the MC’s clothes and they do different tattoes or doesn’t do tattoes. It confuse me bc I think it a different character.


i actually like when the female mc is strong and independent


Yess exactly!! I completely agree.

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